5 Attributes of Attractive Men

The question of what it takes to be attractive to desired sexual partners has been an obsession for as long as humans have been self-aware enough to ask the question. The answers for this have been all over the place. Should you grow a beard, or wax your chin? Or is the well-cultivated, 5-o’clock shadow the better way to go? Should you keep the scar, or have it removed? Haircut, or hair extensions? Definitely not hair extensions.

As you can see, the questions can go on for miles and eons, and have. So far, no one has managed to put together a definitive guide to being an attractive man. Rather than try to solve it here, lets take a look at some of the attributes of men generally considered to be attractive by either sex:


How tough are you? Here are 5 sports stars who are tougher than you’ll ever be. Toughness is one of those attributes that tends to gender respect and adoration from both men and women, alike. The defining characteristic of a tough guy is that he can stoically take a lot of physical punishment. He is the one who can get punched in the face by a professional boxer, spit out the tooth that has been knocked loose, and never break his stride. How tough are you? Know that, and you will know a great deal about how attractive you are.

5 Attributes of Attractive Men

Financial Security

How much money do you have. I hate to admit it. But that is a big part of how attractive you are. There is a reason Donald Trump has no problem finding women willing to marry him. And let’s be honest. It is not for his hairline, or bulging pecks. One might reasonably speculate that it is probably not for his personality, either.

What trump has in abundance that you may be lacking is extremely good credit. He knows the secrets to losing everything without losing his good credit. You don’t have to be rich to be attractive. You just have to be financially secure. If your credit makes that seem impossible, you should check out this credit repair ebook put together by industry professionals. A partner doesn’t need to know you can buy her a BMW. She just needs to know you aren’t going to come asking her for help on your own car payments.


Alone, intelligence will not win the day. However, the lack of intelligence is very unattractive. If you were hoping to get by on just being a brutish tough guy, get over it. ‘that ship has sailed, like, a few hundred million years ago. Society is considerably more complicated these days. Intelligence is the survival advantage. And survival is very attractive.


They say that nothing succeeds like success. They couldn’t be more right. We are long past the days when your big dreams are attractive. Lots of people have big dreams. Dreamers work for tips as waiters for others who are more successful.

Your accomplishments, not your dreams, are what convey to your potential mate that success might be in your future. Match.com suggests that women are looking for successful men. It is not just that attractive men are more successful, but that successful men are more attractive.


Perhaps Your Tango said it best:

There is a fact of life when it comes to attracting women. Those that possess a high level of confidence will be highly attractive to women. Those men that are lacking in confidence will usually be outright dismissed.

Becoming attractive to potential romantic partners is more of an art than a science. There are plenty of not-so-intelligent, skittish, broke, unsuccessful weaklings who have managed to find love with the ideal partner. There is someone out there right now who would be more than happy to be your mate. Given enough time and opportunity, you will meet up.

But there are considerably more potential partners for the one who can make himself more attractive. Your odds of finding someone do not have to be 1 in 7 billion.

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