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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As I mentioned in the initial review of this privacy protector from 3M, the visual hacking threat is a very serious one indeed. Of course, a lot of us partake in the activity unknowingly. We all get bored at times, after all. Imagine you are in a bus station and the person next to you is avidly reading something on the screen of his phone. At times, he smiles and even giggles. If you are as curious as I am, you would really want to see what in the world was so intriguing. So you would peep in. This isn’t something that has malicious intent usually, of course. We just want to see what the other person is doing that is so interesting! However, like it or not this is a form of non-malicious visual hacking.

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Visual privacy needs to be addressed

I’ve been using the 3M Protector on my phone for a while now, and it seems to be a fine wine, at least to me, getting better with time. This innovative product has definitely turned my mind around. Before I started using it, I was overwhelmed by paranoia whenever I was out and about. See, the thing about being a closet visual hacker is that you realize how easily someone else could do it to you. I would find myself furtively gazing around me checking if the bystanders were staring at my progress in Candy Crush. It isn’t always jellybeans and gumdrops though.

Thinking about the possibility of hackers leads to a very serious thought: what if I’m doing some online shopping and they catch me entering credit card information? What if I am logging into my email and someone sees my password? The criminal possibilities are endless, and if it weren’t for the 3M protector, I would probably be drooling in a padded cell by now. I know for a fact that I have been hacked visually at work, and even once on the train! Research also showed that I’m not alone here. Over 50% of people are visually hacked wherever they go. It is both annoying and scarily invasive.

Risk of major security leaks

Where I work, getting my email hacked won’t be a problem. However, if you work at a company that has implemented a high level of security, you will need to have a good hard think about who you want looking at the content on your phone and portable devices. If the wrong person should see even a little of the confidential information or login details, you could wind up being responsible for a massive breach of security.

3M is a choice I would always make

However, I have gotten used to using this nifty invention and it has definitely saved me from becoming as twitchy as someone on cocaine (not that I know what that is like), always looking over my shoulder. Choosing the 3M Visual Privacy Protector was an amazing choice, because as a market leader in the field they address concerns corporations usually fail to. I could be reading an ultra-high-security email on my phone with a crowd around me and all they would see is a black screen. Putting up with a dimmer screen in exchange for this level of security and privacy? That’s a trade-off I would make over and over again.

Do you have your own visual hacking exploits or experiences to share? Email us or just talk about it in the comments! Please try not to divulge anything important.


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