360 Degree Mirror: I Am Pretty, Oh So Pretty


Do you have a misconceived self-image?When I use my mirror to elegantly dishevel my hair just how I like it, I sometimes need to have my Vietnamese slave hold another mirror behind me at an angle just so I can see the view from the back. The 360 Degree Mirror is made to allow you to ogle my your flawless physique from all angles simultaneously, to assure you look great for the cameras.

The center panel illuminates to cast a glow on your profile, while three panels on each side are designed to wrap around for a complete 360 look. If you don’t feel like seeing yourself in panorama mode, just fold the side panels together. Get yours for $40. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. i Think that is so genious, i have to do an invention for school and i wanted to create a 360 degree mirror but when i researched it, it was made already. i was flabbergasted at the results i found. well…… this 7th grader needs to come up with something else then. 🙁 #MadBecauseIDidntComeUpWithThisBefore

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