3 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger and Better

The bathroom is no doubt one of the most important parts of a house and property at large. As a matter of fact, here is what a renowned interior designer had to say to justify the importance of this part of the building. She said we should “never conclude that a hotel is 4, 5, 6, or 7- star until you have taken a look at the bathroom”.

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger and Better

It is therefore important that homeowners and prospective ones do all reasonably possible to make the bathroom the best it can be. This is why this article will discuss several tips to help you make yours look bigger and better.

House Design Plans – Where it all Begins

Many bathrooms do not look the way they should even after the occupants have done several things. The reason is that there was something faulty right from the design phase. This is why you should be deliberate about making sure the 2 bedroom house plan used to build your home is good enough.

To do this, you can reach out to a capable architect directly to help out. Also, there is the option of ordering for stock or even custom-designed designs that can be implemented online.

Whichever way you deem fit, make sure you end up with a plan that pays attention to all the necessary details. For instance, the space, size, and other features of the bathroom should be right on point. You can go over some Truoba 2 bedroom modern house plans to get a good idea of how a bathroom should fit into the plan.

And just in case something went wrong and was not addressed at the design phase, all hope is not lost. This is because there are certain things that you can do to make the most of the space allotted for the bathroom.

Tips to Help Your Bathroom Look Bigger and Better

Generally speaking, there are 2 sides to making your bathroom look better and bigger. This is by making use of psychological features and making actual adjustments. The former has to do with not changing the size of the place but making the occupants have a different view of the place.

For instance, the use of large wall mirrors at strategic parts can make occupants feel the place is better. However, nothing has changed except that the mirror gives the place that look.

The latter has to do with making some critical adjustments. For instance, engaging the services of a home renovation team to alter the look and feel of the place falls under this category. By and large, the measures you will take depend on the severity of the situation.

This means that while some bathrooms require only adding psychological features, some require actual changes to make the place look bigger and better. In light of this, here are some simple tips to help out:

Make Good Use of Colors

Color is very important in this part of the home as with every other part. So, you should be deliberate about making use of the right options here.

Use something that will make the area seem spacious rather than clustered. We strongly recommend that you combine complementary bright and light colors to achieve this. You would be surprised at the massive difference in looks when compared to dark colors.

Make Good Use of a Wall Mirror

Placing a wall mirror in a strategic location can do the magic. It can give the impression that the bathroom looks bigger than it is. You might also want to consider using more than one mirror. This is especially if you cannot get something large enough to fit the whole place as you need to.

Furthermore, reflective tiles and even flooring can add to the look. These materials magnify the appearance of this part of the house. However, you must be careful to make use of good quality and safe materials. For instance, this means the materials should have a sufficient grip effect to protect people from slipping.

Backlighting the Mirror

Some people have a rough view in mind when they decide to change the look of their bathroom. For people that want something that presents a minimalistic look, adding an extra touch to the mirror can help.

For instance, they can add some backlight to the mirror. The resultant effect is likely to please people that desire a minimalistic look for their bathroom. This will even look a lot better if the walls are made of tiles.


Everything starts with the house design plan. This is why you should ensure that the blueprint used has a well-designed bathroom. Additionally, we have discussed 3 simple tips to help your bathroom look bigger and better and hope that you try them out.

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