3-in-1 Ultra-Slim Mouse might just do it all

pcpal 3-in-1

While mouse integration with presentation devices has been tried before, the ability to have sufficient usability of all the integrated devices has never quite made the cut. Chinese based company Vavolo, claims to have made not just a 2-in-1, but a device which integrates three devices.

The Vavolo Mouse looks like a cross between a remote control and a sheet of paper. The device is a roll-up of a laser pointer, desk mouse, and PC remote, all rolled into one flat, black rectangle. Like a few other portables made recently, the Vavolo mouse fits into the PC slot of the computer for easy transportation and optimum portability.

For $40 it seems like a pretty good deal, though we haven’t seen a working model of it or a test. But if all works as planned it should make for a pretty cool little gadget.

pcpal 3-in-1

pcpal 3-in-1

Andrew Dobrow

PCPAL 3-in-1 device [via Crave]

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