13-Year-Old Nerd Claims To Have Cracked iPod Touch 1.1.1


A teenage hacker claims to have found an easy way to allow third-party applications to be used on the iPod Touch. While this method doesn’t work on the iPhone (yet), which had its various bugs and app access fixed with the Apple 1.1.1 update, those of you who have bought an iPod Touch will be happy to know that there is an automated jailbreak program now available. We see the iPhone being more complicated, since for the iPod you have no need to unlock the device to use with other carriers (seeing as the iPod touch doesn’t have a phone feature).

So far this method only works for Intel Mac users, and isn’t exactly user-friendly just yet. You’ll have to have some extensive knowledge of the Apple touch platform to work this properly, so don’t go messing with your device just yet unless you know what you’re doing. — Andrew Dobrow


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