12 Reasons Why Growing Up Sucks

When you were young you likely couldn’t wait to grow up and be independent. Well, chances are that now you are grown up, you can think of a million reasons why it sucks. Here are 12.

Growing Up Sucks

1. Bills.

2. Laundry is all you and you have to either learn to take clothes out of the dryer on time or learn how to like ironing.

3. You feel older.

4. You eventually realize that life really isn’t fair.

5. Once enjoyable holidays now become unending pits of stress and financial strain.

6. You can no longer eat a dozen donuts and not gain a million pounds.

7. Finding a trusting and loving life partner is a necessity for most of us but nearly impossible to actually do.

8. Being carefree is a thing of the past, now you worry about dating strangers and going out after dark.

9. Movies just aren’t what they used to be.

10. You will actually find yourself saying “kids today are…” But really, what IS it with kids today?

11. You realize that the choices you made in your youth that you’d “never regret” can actually be quite regrettable.

12. Being an adult…or at least a caring adult, means being selfless which, let’s face it, can sometimes REALLY suck.

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