12-in Miracle Tube breaks the laws of physics, in a good way


British scientists have claimed that they have done the impossible. They say they have created a compact device that can create energy out of nothing. This thermal energy cell could one day soon be placed into homes, and could significantly decrease power consumption. The hard part is actually explaining how it works.

The scientists who created the device even have trouble explaining it, but experiments have proven that this wonder device actually creates a massive amount of heat energy, with minimal electrical energy used. Jim Lyons, an independent evaluator of the device, says ‘We are still not clear about the science involved here, because the physics and chemistry are very different-to everything that has gone before. Our challenge now is to study the science and how it works.’


— Andrew Dobrow


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  1. hahaha secret catalyst

    …. i think it’s probably “heating oil”.

    Let’s come back in another couple years (i note this was 9/07 anyway) and see if ANYTHING has come of this.

  2. Still haven’t seen anything like this…

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