10 Ways to Spend Your Saturday In GIFS

It’s Saturday, finally. The day most of the general workforce covets. As if it weren’t enjoyed enough though, allow us to share with you 10 GIFs to show you how you could spend your Saturday.

Funny Escalator GIF

Why not go to the mall today and see what’s going on?


You could always try a little DIY…

Funny Animals GIF

You could spend a little time with your animals…

Minions GIF

Or you could spend time with your friends…

Get Outside GIF

If the weather is nice why not get out for a bit?

You could go for a swim?

Relax GIF

You could just relax.

Gardening GIF

You could do some gardening?


You could hit the gym…

Sleeping GIF

We recommend sleeping in though…

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