10 License Plates That Will Make You Laugh

If you are like most people then vanity plates AKA custom license plates catch your eye. Here at GearFuse we especially hate when people make you spend five minutes following them just so you can figure out what their plate means. Today’s plates however, are much easier to read.

Check out 10 license plates that will make you laugh.

Virginia Beats Kids

Virginia beats kids first apparently…

Cramped Mini

What better way to label a Cooper?

Not Cop

Thanks for the clarification because we were wondering…

We never would have guessed!

Eat The Kids First

Virginia is at it again!

Was His

This driver knows how to rub it in!

2 Jail

Possibly the best vanity plate in the history of the world.

Vlad The Impala

He vants to drink your blood!

Vaginas Plate

Okay, we know you won’t all approve but it made us laugh.

Jazz Lover

We are pretty sure this jazz lover didn’t see what we see when they got this vanity plate made…

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