10 Amazing Pieces Of Art Made From Technology

Making technology in to art is not a new trend but it is new to many people. Take a look at these incredible pieces of art made from technology.

1. The Friendly Giant via law_kevin

Friendly Giant

2. A Not-So-Friendly Face via artmachines

A Not-So-Friendly Face

3. Technological Goat via toysgadget

A Strange Bridge to Nature

4. Cassette Tap Art via iri5, designboom

An Extinct Medium

5. Keyboard Bags via slipperybrick

Functionally Fashionable

6. Apple Clock via joaosabino

Apple Clock

7. Cell Phone Art Via robpettit

Cell Phone Art

8. PC Palette Via jeonghoan21

PC Palette

9. Ticket Robot Via islanddave, Rivamonte Robots, boingboing

10. Mechanical Dinosaur Via toysgadget

Mechanical Dinosaur

Via: Web Urbanist

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