1″ Mini Cube pocket USB drive holds 12GB

mini cube pocket usb drive

How many times have you wanted to transport 12GB of photo’s off your computer to show your distant relatives how much your kids have grown? God knows we’ve all been there! The A-Data Mini Cube pocket USB drive, allows us to carry 12GB of data around with us in a cool looking little square that looks slick enough to even be modded into a keychain. And this thing is SMALL! 1″ gives you enough space to carry around any important document you might need to carry around with you. One really cool feature of the Mini Cube is it’s one-click back up system which makes backing up your storage a cinch. It’s aluminum siding assures that your data won’t be lost, even if your body gets mangled in a head on collision. More pics after the jump.

mini cube pocket usb drive

mini cube pocket usb drive

Andrew Dobrow

A-Data 12BG Mini Cube – 1″ USB 2.0 Drive [via Chip Chick]

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  1. dang that is cool how do i get me one i would love to have a 32 gb, now that would be cool…

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