Wireless speaker mouse pad takes it way too far

wireless speaker mousepadIntegration of devices can always be taked one (or more) steps too far. The Wireless Speaker Mouse takes it about four steps too far. 1:You really don’t want crappy speakers at your fingertips. Go buy yourself a decent 2.1 speaker set and forget about this. 2:A calculator in your mousepad? Why? You are sitting at a computer which is made to do far more complicated calculations than that calcualtor could ever do. 3:Wireless? This feature will make you go through batteries like no other. What is acceptable to be wireless at a desktop? Speakers, mouses, keyboards, remote controls… Not mousepad speakers 4: Finally, solar power. What is solar power doing inside of a mousepad? So it powers the calculator, that shouldn’t be in there either. Ladies and gents, please, don’t waste your money, keep your $5 pad from Fry’s and forget about the rest. — Nik Gomez

Wireless Speaker Mousepad [via The Red Ferret Journal]

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  1. I agree the wireless speaker mouse is a bit too much and would never take off…

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