March 2, 2015

Touch-Screen Gameboy Color Mod Brings Pokemon To A Whole New Level


Alright, check it out fellow gearheads. The Gameboy Color might be ancient by modern standards, but there was a time wher every 9 year-old on the block had one of these. And if they didn’t? They were laughed at for being girly men. Trust me, I’d know. Mash-Mods has created a Gameboy Color unit with a touch-screen module built right in. Simply said, it turns your Gameboy Color into a touchscreen enabled device.

Touch control allows for areas on the screen to correspond to direction and action controls, allowing for RPG’s to add a closer connection between you and your avatar. Since the touch screen is only a prototype design, hiking one for yourself will cost $145. Really not to bad, all things considered. — Andrew Dobrow



  1. Where can I buy one??

  2. im interested , can you do this with a GBA SP?

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