Three-Headed Dog Costume


Are you a fan of Harry Potter or do you just have a really freaky bestiality fantasy? Both fanboys, disturbed and literary, should be satisfied with this photo of a dog wearing a three-headed costume, akin to Hagrid’s very own Fluffy from the Harry Potter series.

Attached to a harness, this costume actually seems less tortuous than other forms of animal-wear. There’s not much detail of where you can actually purchase such a costume or how-to make your own, but left to your own devices, I’m sure you’ll be fine if you put your mind to it.



  1. how do I make one for my dog? Can you give me details how you made this please

  2. My 9-year old daughter really wants to be this for Halloween. Can you suggest how to make it (or better yet, a place to buy it?) Thanks, if you can.

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