March 6, 2015

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Adobe Sets CS4 Launch Date

Meme-makers and graphics designers alike are going to have a great September this year. Adobe has just announced that it’s latest update to the Creative Suite series of products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) will be released September 23rd. The update, CS4, will contain the long-awaited Photoshop CS4, which will be available in a 64-bit Windows version. That doesn’t make much sense ... Read More »

Introducing: Google Chrome

Tomorrow, Google will be launching the beta version of Google Chrome in more than 100 countries. Chrome is it’s new browser and while it may seem like it’s aimed at Internet Explorer or Firefox, Google is really targeting Windows. Google wants Chrome to be nothing short of a full on desktop operating system that could give Windows a run for ... Read More »

Time Killer: Windows Vista For Your Playstation 3

What happens when you put Windows Vista on a Playstation 3? Just an assload of down time, that’s what. This video shows some schmuck successfully running the OS under emulation and requiring nearly 25 minutes to fully boot up. It even takes twelve minutes to load up Notepad, which is an amazing feat considering how demanding the application is. This ... Read More »

Midori: Beyond Windows

I can’t imagine a world without Windows. It seems like only yesterday I was spending hours trying to figure how to change my desktop wallpaper on Windows 3.1. Word is that Microsoft is getting a head start on their next operating system that’ll replace Windows entirely. Their new project, Midori, centers around the Internet, casting out the dependency your operating ... Read More »

Same Tall Towers, Brand New Windows

Two new buildings are being built in Tinajin, China that are sure to rival the Dubai tower in design. The 1175-foot Sinosteel International Plaza and the 288-foot hotel next to it may not be as tall as the Ultima tower, but they’ve got something to prove with the hexagonal windows installed in them. The windows are placed in such a ... Read More »

Need a Copy of Windows XP? Tough.

Today marks the end of an era. Microsoft will officially stop selling its hit OS, Windows XP, today. Sure, you can still get it via a shady OEM PC through Dell or HP but for the rest of us who just want a boxed copy, we’re out of luck. The move comes as Microsoft looks to shift its customers over ... Read More »

Make Your Own Driverless Sound Card

Wow, who would have known that designing your own sound card would have been this cheap and easy? A low amount of parts, easy-to-read schematic and no need for drivers make this USB-based sound card a steal. The card is powered via a 16-bit Stereo Digital-to-Analog Converter. I have a subtle understanding of what that actually does, but if you ... Read More »

Windows XP Coming to OLPC XO

Rumor has it that everyone’s favorite OS is making its way to the OLPC XO this year. According to reports, testing is to begin in June to determine if Windows XP is a viable solution for XO laptops. If all goes well, you could be picking up an XO laptop by September. The existing OS, Sugar Linux, will not be ... Read More »

A Sweet Way to Task Manager

The only people I know that enjoy black licorice had seven root canals last year. That aside, for the few who do enjoy the taste that black licorice has to offer and are really into the computer thing, there’s the Control+Alt+Delete licorice from the fine folks at The bold taste of black licorice coupled with the three-fingered salute!? Genius! ... Read More »

DOS Pillow: Falling Asleep At The Terminal

Those of you who run Linux might still experience falling asleep at the monitor with your command terminal running. The steady blinking of the cursor can be hypnotic, but sleeping at the desk is about as ergonomic as sleeping on a pile of stones. Art Lebedev Studio has whipped up an ode to the days of DOS commands with the ... Read More »