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AnatoWii: The Anatomy of a Console

Designer Angela Moramarco created this AnatoWii project, demonstrating what the anatomy of the Wii console might look like if it had internal organs, rather than hardware. Consoles, in their own way, can become living, breathing members of our everyday life. Why shouldn’t they have their own anatomical charts? If we had to guess what organ composed the Wii, we would ... Read More »

Wii Steering Wheel Gets an Update, Now Includes MotionPlus

As much as we hate the Wii, we know a bunch of you assholes really dig it, so here you go. Brando has taken it upon themselves to update the Wii Steering Wheel, creating the aptly titled Wii Steering Wheel II. The second version offers MotionPlus integration and a slick, stream-line design. Not too mention you don’t need any additional ... Read More »

The Wii Bowling Ball Acessory

Is this really necessary? Come on now. At this point the list of available Nintendo Wii accessories is getting out of control. What’s next? An egg whisk add-on that I can use to play those ridiculous cooking games? No thanks. Link Read More »

Wii60: Natal to be included on next-gen Xbox?

Project Natal could be headed to an Xbox near you! At least, that’s what sources are leading us to believe. If the speculation is correct, and as we all know, it ALWAYS is, than Microsoft will be releasing their motion-detecting Natal, not as a peripheral add-on, but as the major component of their next-gen console. So, what does this mean ... Read More »

Wii Vitality Sensor

See? This is what happens when you don’t believe me. You Wii owners must be really fucking excited by now. A vitality sensor add-on! It can measure your heartbeat! Guess what? You can do it without Nintendo’s overpriced hunk of plastic. Take two fingers, place on wrist, feel for pule – voila. I pity the fool who throws away their ... Read More »

Use Your Retro Nintendo Controllers With The Wii

The one thing the Nintendo Wii has going for it is the ability to download classic NES and SNES titles and play them at your free will. The problem is, the Wiimote sucks. It’s the worst controller in the world for playing games that require no more than a D-pad and two buttons. This nifty little adaptor from Komodo will ... Read More »

Armin Van Buuren’s “In The Mix”

While the upcoming DJ Hero and Scratch titles will be the first games of their kind to hit the next-gen console circuit, Nintendo is going another route and trying something a little different. Rather than rely on hip-hop as a selling point, it’s teamed up with popular DJ Armin Van Buuren to created In The Mix. The game will allows ... Read More »

Pre-order Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Oh my god. Yessssssss. You gotta understand, people. I am a huge Van Halen fan. For years I’ve always picked up my guitar and started playing EVH songs like “Atomic Punk”, “Cathedral” and, of course, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.” Now, come August 4th, we’ll all be able to rock out to a shitload of Van Halen tracks via Guitar Hero. ... Read More »

Rumor of the Year: Netflix Coming to PS3, Wii

For a small fee each month, you can get Netflix to not only send DVDs to your house, but you can also stream thousands of movies via its online movie service. The Xbox 360 currently supports this feature, which no doubt pisses off most Playstation 3 owners like myself. But now, there’s a glimmer of hope. According to the Netflix ... Read More »

Exer-Station: Wii Fit-like Gaming Exercise on Any Console

This is just perfect. And not only because the Wii sucks! Okay, well mostly because the Wii sucks. But we have to hand it to Nintendo. Their little Wii Fit gimmick is a decent idea… in theory. The problem is that their console is a gimmicky pile of junk, which isn’t much help to those of us who need a ... Read More »