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Surprised Darth Vader

He looks like a little Ewok! Surprised Kitty has new competition with CapnPeteStraw’s Surprised Darth Vader, a parody of a meme (Surprised Kitty) inspired by a meme (LOLCats). Should we be expecting a parody of a parody? Maybe an Even More Surprised Darth Vader? Or Surprised Lando Calrissian? Come on, that just sounds like a hit.

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R2-D2 Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Qui-Gon’s Ashes


When you need to tidy up after the incineration of a Jedi’s corpse, there’s only one vacuum cleaner powerful enough to withstand the midichlorian count of such a powerful master is the R2VAC2, rendered by DeviantArt user Agent-Spiff. You don’t even want to know where C-3PO’s nozzle hose is located. Link [via]

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Boba Fett Backpack Stores Your Textbooks, Spare Blasters


You’ll have to leave your jet pack at home, but at least you’ll have room for all of your school work. The Boba Fett Backpack will not be able to save you from the sarlacc pit, so steer clear of any intimidating looking toothed gaps in the ground. Never leave your Bounty Hunting 101 course book home again. Enjoy your ...

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Boba Fett Quiche

The meanest damn lunch in the planet, meet Quiche the Bounty Hunter. This Boba Fett-inspired dish is hellbent on collecting the crust of every scum-bag quiche in the universe, no matter how noble their cause may be. Hey, he’s got little mini-quiches to feed. Stuffed with spinach, Kalamata olive tapenade, feta cheese and chopped red peppers, Alicia “Policia” Traveria’s (also ...

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Star Wars Wampa Cake

Complete with a severed arm and cherry preserve “blood and guts” filling, the Wampa Birthday Cake celebrates my favorite amputated snow monster on the entire planet of Hoth. Buttercream frosting and the DIYer’s mom’s patented sour cream pound cake recipe make this Wampa considerably more tasty than the real thing, but not nearly as fun to cuddle with. Alicia Policia ...

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A Varsity Jacket for Stormtroopers

The varsity jacket, the universal symbol for jock superiority, unless you’re in the marching band, in which case you’re just an elitist prick. But seriously, I remember the kids from marching band who used to walk around in varsity jackets and they were all assholes. Walking around in a jacket with a drum embroidered on the shoulder does not impress ...

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Wearable Tusken Raider Helmet

Let me tell you the fun I would have with this thing if I lived anywhere near a desert. I’d set up shop behind a sand dune on a frequently ridden ATV trail and just wait for the perfect moment to pop-up from my hidden spot, lift my gaderffii above my head and let out my best sand person roar. ...

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Calvin & Hobbes Becomes Chewie & Han

In this perfectly produced homage to childhood obsession, designer Chris Walt created the Chewie & Han t-shirt, in honor of both Calvin & Hobbes and Star Wars. Walt is selling the shirt for $22 through redbubble. The shirt is available both with and without text. I can’t say I was a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes when I was ...

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Dark Side of The That’s No Moon

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all-time, no confusion there. In fact, just seeing this mash-up cover made me search through the ‘P’ section of my iTunes library. “Breath” plays as we speak. And while it’s common knowledge that the album uncannily matches up with the Wizard of Oz, I’m ...

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