Thursday , 29 January 2015
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Make Your Own Lawn Flamingo of Doom

Originally called “Flamingos with Fricken Laser Beams,” you too can create your very own Halloween-themed lawn flamingo of doom with this helpful phototutorial. The “fricken laser beams” title is slightly misleading as the doom flamingo has LED eyes rather than fricken’ laser beams. But either way, the eyes do glow. Ok, but what about the lawn gnomes of destruction? Link ... Read More »

Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Combat Boots

Combat boot specialists Doc Marten have unveiled their awesome “The Skelly” pair of glow-in-the-dark combat boots. Even if you haven’t had the chance to rot in the ground for a few millenia, you can still feel like a hardcore undead creature walking among the living. Damn air breathers. The coolest feature is that your bones will have a special talent ... Read More »

Skeletal Shoes: Can I Smell Your Bones?

Even if you have disgustingly dirty and calloused feet, there’s no reason why you can’t show off your fabulous bone structure. These Skeletal Shoes are for the most hardcore of foot fetishists among us. Available on Etsy, you can pick up a pair for pretty much Wal-Mart prices. Only $40 a pop. The catch is that they’re only available in ... Read More »

Giant Skull Of Kitchen Crap

Skulls fascinate us. Whether it be skulls made of paper to skulls made of melted cassette tapes, we can never seem to get enough. That’s why we dig Indian artist Subodh Gupta and his art, a lot of which involves recycling old pots and pans from the kitchen. For the Frieze art fair in London, he assembled a load of ... Read More »

Skeleton Socks

Halloween is upon us come the end of the month, folks. I hope you have a hell of a costume ready. I was going to go as Levi Johnston, the self-proclaimed “fuckin redneck” that knocked up Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter. That fell through so I might just go as a skeleton. I’ll already have the one up on the ... Read More »

Expose Your PC’s Private Parts

Heating issues can take a huge toll on your computer’s hardware. I mean, take a look at this Xbox 360. That thing is FUBAR. The team at Antec are aware of the many heating issues people have with their computers, so they’ve built the world’s first open air PC case. The Antec Skeleton packs a 92mm fan in the front ... Read More »

Skeleton Serving Set

Want to creep everyone out this Thanksgiving? Order a set of these fine skeleton hand serving forks for only $50. They probably do a fantastic job at tossing salad and serving turkey with those long, boney fingers. I’m sure your relatives will be pleased with your antics when granny keels over in horror at the dinner table. Link [via] Read More »

Mouse For The Archaeologist

The Skeleton Mouse might be designed a little on the morbid side. Hell, who are we kidding, it’s a mouse made to look like a decomposed corpse. Archaeologists and grave diggers alike will have a fun time with this one. The species known as mousicus bonicus was thought to be long since extinct, but you can have a piece of ... Read More »