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Recycled Skate Deck Watch

Nixon is planning to release a watch made from recycled skateboard decks. Part of Nixon’s Rotolog collection, the RePly watch features a colorful wristband and a stylish analog display. Skateboard enthusiasts are bound to go nuts for this thing even though it’s not waterproof and the colored stripes look pretty ridiculous. Nixon hasn’t announced when the watch will actually go ... Read More »

Stylish Laptop Case Made From Old Car Seats

Eco-friendly Uruguayan leathermaker Begoodesigns has found a use for old car seats. They’re making swank laptop cases using recycled auto upholstery. Begood’s bags don’t just protect the environment, they also guard your precious computer. Inside the bags, there’s a soft lining made from padded car seat fabric. With it’s classic leather luggage styling, this recycled laptop bag is a major ... Read More »

A Little Help Dividing Recyclables The Right Way

Technically, our recyclables are supposed to be divided into metal, paper, plastic, and others. Usually they just wind up in a vaguely spaced pile which seems to be separated by a coincidence. The Barcode Trashcan allows you to simply scan your soon-to-be recycled items, at which point a built-in computer figures out what material that barcode corresponds to, and ejaculates ... Read More »

Does Not Compute! Awesome Masks Made From Old Computer Parts

All it takes to make a sick Sci-Fi adventure is some recycling prowess. We could so see these masks used in a motion picture. And to think they were made using random electronic shit lying around someone’s house. Imagine a movie like this: The world is on the brink of collapse after a group of amateur garage robotic builders produce ... Read More »

Admit One Movie Ticket Bowl made from real tickets

Now this is friggen cool. This Admit One Movie Ticket Bowl is made from a reel real roll of movie tickets. It might not sound like much, but just check out those pictures! How much more unique could you get? Great for any movie buff. Conveniently, not only is it damn cool looking, but is also a prefect example of ... Read More »

DIY Floppy Disk Bag: Impressively lame

Mmm, more floppy drive recycling goodness. This time we got a real treat for all of you bag nuts. This Floppy Disk Bag is a totally DIY project which you can use if you have boxes of flops laying around your office or house. If you think this is geeky, think again. Well, no we admit, it is geeky, but ... Read More »