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Unevenly Distributed: Disillusionment, Clark Nova, The MacBook Air & The Perfect Writer’s Machine


After fifteen years I've finally found the perfect writer's machine in the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air. It fuses together both the best software and hardware of which a writer could ever dream, while boasting all of the slender and effortless portability of a composition journal. It is a writer's terminal in the purest sense: with its excellent battery life, ephemeral weight, satisfying keyboard and instant-on capabilities, the new MacBook Air is perfectly suited to be the nexus into the inner chaos of my own thoughts, feelings, hang-ups, pretensions and emotions as a blank page. So why isn't writing any easier?

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AutoCAD Makes a Triumphant Return to Mac


18 years ago, a little application by the name of AutoCAD, also known as Photoshop for engineers, vanished from the Mac platform into the oblivion of Windows PC exclusivity. After almost two decades of avoidance, AutoCAD has finally made its way back onto the Mac OS. The transition to Mac appears to have been a smooth one. The GUIs are ...

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How To: Hack Your iPhone and Never Pay For Another App Again

Disclaimer: This tutorial/HOW TO is for educational purposes only. That being said, we know damn well what we’re trying to do here I assume. What this tutorial will do is jailbreak (not unlock) your iPhone so that you can download independent apps from developers. A VERY STRONG RUMOR HAS IT that you can also download apps cracked from the iTunes ...

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Spelling Out Words with your Mac OS X Dock

Remember in school when you’d waste time by trying to make funny words with your calculator (lol, “boobs”)? We’ve grown up. We’re way past the days of trying to make naughty words on our tools of arithmetic. These days, we’ve turned to our Mac OS X docks for our creative word challenges. Check out some more words after the jump ...

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The $29 Question

I wrote a little commentary on my other site, The Veneziani Journal, regarding Mac OS X Snow Leopard and its pricing. At $29, this is a huge issue which could significantly affect both Microsoft and Apple. My tale of the take: Apple is pulling out its big guns this year. The thing in particular Im referring to started at the ...

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The Aftermath: Our Next Day Apple Roundup

With all the announcements at WWDC yesterday, it’s understandable that some information was overlooked. But now that WWDC’s keynote has come and gone, it’s time to analyze and pick apart every last thing Apple mentioned. Apparently, I overlooked the new 13-inch Macbook Pro! Here’s what people around the web are discussing: The 411 on tethering and MMS delays from AT&T. ...

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WWDC 2009 Roundup

So. Today was Apple’s WWDC keynote. Phil Schiller delivered it without Jobs. Let’s cut the commentary bullshit out and go straight to the announcements: iPhone 3GS announced – faster 3G, faster processor, 3-megapixel camera – $199 for 16GB, $299 for a 32GB model. Drops June 19th. 15-inch Macbook Pro line gets SD card slot, built-in battery Snow Leopard – $29 ...

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OS X Snow Leopard To Feature Trash Restore

You’re running out of hard drive space. You need to install the latest Blizzard title, so you frantically start dragging all your shit to the Trash. All of a sudden, you realize your mother got you an external hard drive for your last birthday and that you need not delete all those pictures of your first cat. In the next ...

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DIY Apple Netbook

Throwing OS X on a Hackintosh netbook is nothing new. Just grab an MSI Wind and follow one of the thousands of examples on the Internet. But it just won’t feel the same until people know you’re using an “Apple product.” That’s why some broke ass fanboy who owns an MSI Wind posted instructions on how to design and shape ...

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