March 1, 2015

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The Bong Mask is the Next Step in Pot Smoking Technology


Greetings “medicinal” marijuana “patients.” Have you been looking for a better way of ingesting every last puff of “medicine” that escapes your bong? The Bong Mask straps across your face and surrounds your respiratory system with sweet, sweet pain relief. Now all we need is intravenous cookie dough and we’re good to go. Get your own from Thanko for around ... Read More »

Legolize It

Alcohol? Check. Tobacco? Double check. Should marijuana be legal? Probably not. At least not yet. But then again, either should alcohol, or guns, or Octomom. The fine line between liberty and public safety has to be drawn somewhere. It’s just a matter of assessing the threats. Now, LEGO pot? I have no problems with that. Perfectly healthy for all children ... Read More »

The Computer Bong: Hardware You Can Smoke

Somebody’s finally up and done it. The YaHookah is a computer (or at least what used to be described as a computer) you can literally smoke, smoke until you’re damn near dead. And the creator didn’t stop there. He was generous enough to write up a step-by-step DIY project over at Instructables, so you can be smoking from the comfort ... Read More »

Bacon-Flavored Rolling Papers

There is no escaping the majesty of bacon. Hey, we’re not complaining. This is a case of integration. Mashing the munchies into the dooby. These Bacon-Flavored Rolling Papers are available individually or in a box of 36. Single packs are $1.95, while the bulk pack will set you back $30. Bacon is a novelty that will never get old. Link ... Read More »

Dutch Hunt Marijuana Fields With Toys

Guess who has a lot of free time and loves toys? If you said the Dutch government, you’d be correct my friend. These dudes love to build toy helicopters, attach sensors that sniff out cannabis and seek the stuff out in fields around the country. Seriously? You guys need a helicopter to find marijuana? It’s really not all that hard. ... Read More »

Aviation Innovation: Getting Higher Than Ever Before

Powering jet planes with eco-friendly biofuels such as algae has been done before and yet, I’m still being charged an arm and a leg by the airline companies who are still stuck in the past, burning up high emission jet fuels. Deep down in my heart I have always known that marijuana is not only a powerful medicine, but that ... Read More »

Marijuana Pipe Made From An Old NES Controller

While you wait for your NES external hard drive to finish transferring porn, you might as well start making a piece to smoke with from an NES controller. Just gouge out the D-pad and fit a bowl in there, man. Connect a little rubber tubing and a mouthpiece and you’re ready to get stoned. Wait. Where’d I put my lighter ... Read More »

Slow And Steady Wins The War On Drugs

Growing marijuana is a crime and that’s a damned shame. It’s no mystery that it’s a great pain reliever and can turn any award winning drama into a laugh-out-loud comedy. The war on drugs has always been a controversial topic in the realm of political agenda and the media. It’s only getting more controversial now that they’re busting growers with ... Read More »

Morphine And THC Combo Makes Super Painkiller

Morphine relieves pain. THC gets you high as a kite. Combine them together and what do you get? A drug that relieves pain but also gets you high as a kite. Joseph Holtman and Peter Crooks at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington, Kentucky have taken the initiative by working on a practical application further proving marijuana’s ... Read More »