March 5, 2015

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The Anatomy of the Three Wolf Moon Shirt

While it might not be quite as magical as the real thing, and really what could even compare? You can gobble down all of the Unicorn Meat you want. You’ll never obtain magical nirvana until you’re rockin’ the Three Wolf Moon Shirt. The Anatomy of a T-shirt tee from Threadless reduces the Three Wolf Moon shirt to its bare bones, ... Read More »

Unicorn Meat: An Alternative Source of Protein and Magic

And now back to our usual scheduled programming. I’m really trying to bulk up my muscles for the summer. Gotta look good in my mankini! I just get so sick of the same old protein sources every single day. Chicken, eggs, more chicken, even more eggs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a man who loves his eggs, but mostly when ... Read More »

Magic Unicorn Beanie Allows You To Fit In With Charlie and the Crew

While I’m not sure we can call this the coolest beanie we’ve ever seen (because let’s be honest, we’ve seen some really awesome beanies), it’s definitely the only one that would make you feel at home inside of a fantasy novel. The homemade Magic Unicorn Beanie gives the wearer a new phallic member and a generous mane of purpleish pink ... Read More »

Google Gives Out Free G2s

Google. Oprah. The two should really sit down for a cup of coffee sometime and talk billions. They actually have a lot in common, believe it or not. Oprah is more accustomed to giving out things like books and cars, but today, Google one upped the queen of daytime TV and gave out free Android-based G2 phones (aka HTC Magic). ... Read More »

Magic Apartment Light – What Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

Look at all of the nasty things going on in this apartment. Shitting, fucking, killing, stealing and even tripping are revealed when this magic apartment light is lit up. With the lights off, this house looks like nothing out of the ordinary, but flip the switch and you’re in for a big surprise. The things people do when I’m not ... Read More »

Magic: The Etchings

If you’re still in to Magic: The Gathering, you’re one dedicated player. But hey, we aren’t here to judge. In fact, we want to support your “mana tapping” needs by introducing you to the ultimate glass-ware inspired by the ever so famous card game, Magic. forum user Poe poe made these etched glasses out of old glade candle glasses. ... Read More »

Elementeo: The Chemistry Card Game That Blinds You With Science

Every single object in our universe is composed of an infrastructure of elements, yet many children are not retaining the information which tells us the building blocks of the universe. Elementeo is a card game created by a 14-year old whiz kid, hell bent on teaching chemistry in an effective and fun fashion. Much like games such as Magic: The ... Read More »

Magic: The Gathering Coming To A Console Near You

Hours and hours of my pre-teen years were spent huddled in circles, dishing on mana cards from my black deck, owning all of those damn counter-spell blue decks people were using for awhile. Gradually, my relationship with Magic: The Gathering grew further and further apart. Wizards Of The Coast has licensed Magic to be made into a video game ... Read More »