March 2, 2015

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Slice Your Apples on the MacBook Cutting Board

Until Steve Jobs decides to integrate cutting board technology into the iPad, I guess we’ll have to settle for this MacBook Cutting Board for all of our food preparation needs. The apple tree wood cutting board is designed to look like a unibody MacBook. Apple pie, fresh apple slices, apple scones, Apple iPods, they all have to start somewhere. You ... Read More »

Pac-Man Macbook Decal Would Probably Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

Now, I’m not trying to say that Pac-Man is my sunshine, my only sunshine. But seriously, how could this not put a smile on any geek’s face, despite of the weather conditions? For $16.90 from Etsy, you too can ensure that nobody takes your sunshine away. Each set comes with a set of several stickers, all made of high-quality protected ... Read More »

LEGO-ify Your Macbook

Etsy seller openandclose offers these awesome stickers that transform your Macbook’s keyboard into a LEGO brick-themed piece of art. Peel and stick your way to bricktastic heaven. The stickers themselves are printed on Avery MPI, a high-quality vinyl that “can stand up to a lot of abuse and repeated cleanings.” Get your own set for $15. Link [via] Read More »

Apple Patent Harnesses the Power of the Sun in an Unexpected Way

While Apple hasn’t yet patented the sun (yet), they are interested in what the sun can do for them and their hardware. A newly revealed patent suggests that Apple might be gearing up for a more eco-friendly line of laptops, but not through traditional solar power. Picture this: a mirror attached to the lid of your laptop folds out to ... Read More »

Say Hello To Mah Little Macbook!

First you get the money. Then you get the power. THEN you get the Apple products. Al Pacino might or might not have said those exact lines in the film Scarface. Maybe I used an oh-so slight piece of creativelicense. This Scarface Macbook decal turns your laptop into an even cooler, but slightly more suspicious, piece of hardware. No scales ... Read More »

Turn Your Old Apple iBook G4 Into a Clock

Now that you’re planning on integrating the iPad into your daily browsing scene, you’ve been thinking of cutting down on some of your other gadgets since the iPad is supposed to be such an “amazing” browsing experience. Ok, that’s cool. Understandable. But it’d be a shame to just toss your old iBook G4 into the wind with the birds. There’s ... Read More »

Steve Jobs’ Think Different Macbook Decal

Any true Jobs-ist or follower of Jobs-ism will understand the point of having the image of the man himself emblazoned on your Macbook Pro. On the fourth day, Jobs created the Macbook, and it was good. Influenced partly by Apple’s Think Different, partly by Steve Jobs’s iconic image, this is one Macbook decal which I’d say is a must for ... Read More »

Yoshi Macbook Decal Desperately Wants To Eat Your Apple

You know how Yoshi loves his apples. So it’s no surprise that he couldn’t resist such a shiny fruit as the Apple logo itself. This Yoshi Macbook decal is available from LapTatt, and it’s a great way to build-up even more geek cred, if you care about that sort of thing. Link [via] Read More »

Super Mario Macbook Decal

While some might maintain that the Apple logo was designed to bring to mind the Adam and Eve mythos, I had my doubts. For one, the bite is way too smooth for any human mouth to have eaten. The bite only could have been performed by a digitally perfect being. Luckily we now have photographic proof of Mario with his ... Read More »

Game Boy Macbook Cover

Game Boy isn’t in the Toy Hall of Fame for nothing. Its iconic image strikes feelings of nostalgia in even the most cold-hearted of geeks. Bring those memories everywhere you go with the Game Boy Macbook Cover. Not only does it protect your laptop from any dust and scuffs, but the memories make laptop transportation fun again. Even cooler, you ... Read More »