February 27, 2015

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Writing Ball Typewriter: The Curvy Steampunk Word Processor


The Malling-Hansen Writing Ball was originally unveiled in 1867, featuring a keyboard layout which has long since been buried in the depths of time. Did you know that QWERTY keyboards were originally designed to deter typewriter users from overburdening the keyboard with speedy typing, which would, in turn, jam the keys? But who cares. The star of the show is ... Read More »

iPhone Case Adds Slide-On Tactile QWERTY Keyboard

We’ve seen attempts at adding a tactile QWERTY keyboard to replace the touchscreen of the iPhone before. iTwinge seemed like a viable option if you didn’t mind a hell of an eyesore, but it was actually pretty impractical. Half the touch screen was covered by a massive sheaf of buttons which were visibly awkward to slip on and off when ... Read More »

LEGO-ify Your Macbook

Etsy seller openandclose offers these awesome stickers that transform your Macbook’s keyboard into a LEGO brick-themed piece of art. Peel and stick your way to bricktastic heaven. The stickers themselves are printed on Avery MPI, a high-quality vinyl that “can stand up to a lot of abuse and repeated cleanings.” Get your own set for $15. Link [via] Read More »

Make Your Own Rubik’s Cube Using Your Old Keyboard

Sure, you might be saying to yourself, what’s the use of destroying a perfectly good Rubik’s cube just so you can rebuild it using old keyboard keys? And I say to you… are you INSANE? If you want to get into the technicalities of things, what’s the point of doing anything for the sake of nothing? There doesn’t have to ... Read More »

Take a Seat: The Keyboard Bench Leaves Key Impressions on Your Ass

When you take 2000 recycled keys off of defunct keyboards and paste them onto a bench made of baltic birch wood, you’re just asking for furniture snobs to turn up their noses in disgust. “But how could you destroy such beautiful wood?” Ahh, shove it up your key-impressed asses. Designed by Nolan Herbut (lol, Her Butt), the Wolfang Keyboard Bench ... Read More »

Skatekeyboard: Extreme Sports Mashed with Extreme Geekery

Try to do an ollie on this bad boy without breaking any keys. Now that sounds like an interesting new challenge for the X-Games. The Skatekeyboard combines the art of skating with the geekery of keyboarding. Can you skateboard and type a complete sentence with your feet at the same time? Tony Hawk has a new art to perfect now. ... Read More »

Bamboo USB Keyboard and Mouse Make Perfect Gifts for Geeky Pandas

A great edible gift for a Panda, not such a great edible gift for Panda pet owners. The 106-key Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse from Brando connects to your computer via its USB port and offers support for Window 2000/XP/Vista and Linux. If you live in a heavy Panda bear population, you might want to either lock the keyboard up tight ... Read More »

Keyboard Purse

My girlfriend will use this bag whether she likes it or not. The Keybag is a purse made of keyboard keys, so for once you’ll know exactly how to press her buttons. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night. Link [via] Read More »