March 5, 2015

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DoCoMo and McDonalds join hands in Japan

Two of Japan’s largest companies and now, oddly paired partners, have joined together in corporate harmony to bring the Japanese public the best of bytes and burgers. This 300 million yen joint agreement will promote the use of DoCoMo’s IC-card e-cash phones in McDonalds’ through out the country of Japan. This agreement will work in conjunction with McDonalds new “membership ... Read More »

Sharp EM ONE handheld for eMobile, new Japanese carrier

Today on the Japan mobile front. ADSL infrastructure company eAccess has announced its new mobile carrier for Japan, eMobile. For now, they will carry only one phone. The Sharp EM ONE. eMobile will skim its way into the Japanese market in March with a data-only HSDPA service, which by 2008 should grow to voice data as well. The Sharp EM ... Read More »

The Human Vending Machine

Japanese innovation. The Human Vending Machine is an oddity among a world engulfed with technological insight at every corner. This lo-fi vending machine, when compared to the Cmode vending machines of today which mix mobile phone technology with money transfer, might seems laughable, but we think it’s a strong statement. It might take you a few more minutes to get ... Read More »

Onkyo Japan 80GB BR-NX10 Stereo costs lots of Yen

Onkyo Japan rolls out their newest stereo with a hard drive, the BR-NX10. This newest release is definitely a high-end product, bringing the best of in stereo storage. Many of these Japan released gadgets never see the light of day in Europe or the U.S. Because of the NX10’s large price, this stereo most likely won’t be an exception to ... Read More »

Pop-up Analog Joystick for cellphones

The reason a lot of us have never really got into the whole “cellphone gaming” thing is because of the lack of a decent navigation control option. How can you truly control a game with one hand and no mouse. Which is why this concept of a Pop-Up Joystick is such an interesting idea. Some people might think it’s just ... Read More »

Thanko USB Wiimote Charger

Thanko Japan’s USB Wiimote Charger is something many gamers have been waiting for. Having to go out to the store to buy new batteries twice a week just isn’t cutting it for us Wii players. The USB Charger comes with a cradle, a special Nickel battery, and a battery cover compatible with the charger. The charger works on any USB ... Read More »

Destroy data remotely on your stolen Sharp 813SH phone

The 813SH for Biz is a business version of the 812SH, it is designed for companies that need to protect commercial secrets. Bluetooth and infrared data transfer is banned, but Bluetooth headsets are still supported. On top of that, email file attachment function is removed, external memory slot and Felica electronic money chip are also removed. The “813SH for Biz” ... Read More »

It’s okay to be irresponsible when your air-conditioner is smart

For those that live in places where the climate does not allow you to live without an air-conditioner, you will understand how annoying it is to clean the filters inside. We all aim to clean it at least once a year, but sometimes it is up till the point when we can’t stand the smell any more do we take ... Read More »