Wednesday , 28 January 2015
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I don’t even like walking my dog in real life…

Fresh out of Japan, we present the Virtual Dog-Walking Arcade game. Why does this not surprise us? Crazy Japanese and their games of manual labor. I guess this is cool if you don’t have a dog and want to remember why you don’t in the first place. The game is actually supposed to be pretty challenging. Don’t step in any ... Read More »

Xbox 360 Notebook Converter confirmed!

Gamers have been waiting for this announcement for who the hell knows how long. It seems that the possibility of a portable Xbox 360 is all but officially confirmed. Peripheral company, Hori, prematurely announced their release of a no-hassle Compact TFT Monitor EX, an LCD that easily connects to the Xbox 360 with very minimal effort. The 12.1 inch monitor ... Read More »

Music floating in your bubble bath: flat-panel speaker MP3 player

Victor-JVC Japan is introducing a new MP3 player to their “health and healing” line of products, what’s so unconventional about this funny looking audio player is that it actually floats in your tub and plays music right next to your rubber duck duck. Wouldn’t water get into those holes? Good question, and Victor-JVC has it solved by using a NXT ... Read More »

Japanese graphic art delivered to your cellphone

Fans of the Japanese form of graphic art have become a world wide occurrence. In Japan, it’s more than just a hobby, it’s life. A new service called ComCom, also known as Com2, by Japanese publisher Shinchosha, will deliver around 200 pages a month of the best in Japanese graphic art, directly to subscriber’s cellphones. These art publications are not ... Read More »

Opera browser coming to Nintendo DS in June

Opera announced that the Nintendo DS will be the next gaming console to use its browser for console web surfing. Starting June 4, Opera will be available to all U.S. gamers. Opera has been available to Nintendo players in Japan and Europe since the tail end of 2006, with the beta version for the Wii available in the U.S. since ... Read More »

Mospeng-kun robot gives out free tissues to all

[ev type=”youtube” data=”hBBCcmw2nnA”][/ev] It might sound pointless, but Mospeng-kun, the tissue dispensing robot, seems to be a friendly addition to the workplace. Why they chose tissues to be the item given away is beyond us, but hey, it is Japan we’re talking about. The friendly Mospeng-kun detects the presence of a human life-form near by and then attacks…with smiles and ... Read More »

Test: A bike ride with the PSP GPS

While we’re still waiting for the PSP GPS module to be released in North America, we can take a look at what  it can do in Japan. The guys at NikkeiBP have taken the PSP GPS module for a spin this weekend, this time they’ve used  the MaPlus Portable Navi software. Data stored in the 1.8GB UMD is enough for ... Read More »