March 3, 2015

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Wearable Hummingbird Feeder: You Really Wanna Be Hurt, Don’t You?

When you first receive your Wearable Hummingbird Feeder mask you’re encouraged to leave it out in the wild for awhile so that the birds can get accustomed to the mask before you wear the damn thing on your face. That way, by the time you wear this crazy thing, the birds will be comfortable enough to poke your eyes out ... Read More »

Yoshi and Mario Wall Hanger

Made using an inkjet printer, sticker labels and a 1/4? foam board, the Mario Riding Yoshi wall hanging design wants to lick you to death, sort of like a sex-addicted prison-escapee, but now with more reptilian spice. Watch the mustache, I heard it can leave some rug burn. Link Read More »

Steampunk Toilet

My shit doesn’t only smell like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, it’s also made out of 100% pure copper and oak. Seriously, I’m so steampunk my wooden feces are literally metal-plated. The TeslaPunk Urinal is a handmade solid oak toilet tank, complete with a battery powered flush pump, a laser aiming assistant (aim at the laser dot in the bowl ... Read More »

Turn Your Lightswitch Into a Nose

Henrietta Swift designed these vinyl stickers so that you can transform your light switch plate into a personified face. The purpose is to lighten the mood, but how much stress can you lose by constantly worrying about the well being of your poor light switch’s nose. How would you like your nose to be broken and re-broken multiple times throughout ... Read More »

Chopsticks Plus One and Two Concept Merges Japanese and American Customs

I’m always sort of embarrassed asking for chopsticks when I’m at a Japanese restaurant. I can almost hear the server’s thoughts: “Stupid fucking Americans, shitting all over our customs.” Though I’d hear something more like “Ayaaaa ching chong hiiiih arigato Mr. Roboto.” And in a way, we really are shitting all over their customs. And this Chopsticks Plus One and ... Read More »

8-Bit Oven Mitt

I don’t care if you’re much of a cook, this 8-Bit Oven Mitt is now an essential piece of kitchen gear. Even if you only use it while taking your Hungry Man meals out of the microwave. Link [via] Read More »

Grizzly Bear Bean Bag Won’t Eat Your Face

Everybody knows that the Grizzly is the most cuddly of bears. Just if they weren’t such assholes. Instead of heading out in to the wild and searching for a real Grizzly Bear to cuddle up with (even though you’ve got one right here baby, rawr), the Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag is not only safer, but might even be ... Read More »

E-Rope Modular Power Strip

Power strips usually come in one shape and size. Not much you can do to make a power strip look sexy. The E-Rope concept turns each socket into a modular cube, which allows for assembly into any shape with any number of strips. E-Rope also helps cut-down on energy consumption. Even when a plug is plugged into the E-Rope socket, ... Read More »

Pantone Colored Leather Chair

For people who just can’t decide on an interior color scheme. This Pantone Printed Leather Chair shows off Sif Technology’s ability to print color onto leather. Unfortunately, these chairs aren’t available for purchase. Come on, why is it always the coolest shit that never sees the light of day? High-production cost. Link Read More »