March 4, 2015

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Video Game Controller Ornaments

Deck the halls with boughs of gaming. Fa-la-la-la-la… you get the point. These acrylic Video Game Controller Ornaments clone some of our favorite consoles’ controllers. Available in white, red, yellow, black, and clear, these ornaments add a bit of geeky color to your Christmas tree. Link [via] Read More »

From VHS Lamness to Toaster Goodness

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, everything is better toasted. So it goes without saying that everything is equally better as a toaster. Look, if you’re still using your VHS player, there’s no excuse. It’s time to make the jump. Retirement is long overdue. But at least you can use your old tape player to make your ... Read More »

Floating Fade-Out Chair is Perfect For Your Bare White Rooms

Using this chair to its full potential means painting a room completely white and stripping out any other furniture. Do I look like someone who isn’t lazy? The Fade-Out Chair is painted to appear as if it is floating in midair. The white leg bottoms appear in striking contrast to the chair’s dark wood finish. Is all of that worth ... Read More »

Robot Wine Rack Comes with Complimentary Mustache

If you don’t think your neighbors would think too kindly of your having a live-in robot posing a wine rack, no worries. This Robot Wine Rack ships with an incognito mustache. Guests will wonder who your new debonair house guest is. Just tell them its your little secret. Of course, the mustache is purely optional, but why not? Lacking a ... Read More »

Not-So Modest Sheets

Mormons beware. These sheets are not for the modest. These Cheeky Duvet Sheets reveal everything but the naughty-bits. I might as well just sleep under cellophane wrap since I sleep in the nude anyway. It’d be sort of like hiding a robbery by murdering the gas station attendant. Doesn’t make much sense. Now… if you REALLY wanna bare it all… ... Read More »

Pac-Man Heat Sensing Mug Reestablishes Packy’s Place in My Life

Some might say Pac-Man is making a comeback, I say he never left. Fill your mug with your favorite heated beverage and watch as the answers to the mysterious of life are revealed. At least with the Pac-Man Mug you won’t be destroying the environment or even worse, looking like some cocoa-toting grandmother. Link [via] Read More »

The Real Simpsons House

A crazy Simpsons fanatic has created this amazing full-scale clone of the Simpsons’ home. Located in Henderson, Nevada, the Simpsons house is painted to resemble the bright colored, cartoony animation used in the show. Read More »

Pick Your Nose Party Cups Give You an Instant Nose Job

No need to even set-up a consultation with your plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty is as easy as grabbing your nearest beverage. The Pick Your Nose Cups create the illusion of a beautiful new nose, and sometimes, even a beautiful new mustache. Choose your nose of choice from the 12 possible options. There’s a nose for everyone, don’t you knowz? Link [via] Read More »

Interactive Pet Laser Tortures Your Cat

You know how something as simple as a laser pointer can become your pets newest favorite toy? The Bolt Interactive Pet Laser automatically juts around the room, providing your pet with minutes of fun. As you can tell from the kitty’s glassy-eyed state, she’s simply enthralled. Link [via] Read More »

Foosball Coat Hanger Has Got To Be Some Sort of Penalty

Don’t let people judge you just because you opted for a foosball table instead of a kitchen table. Like we ever have time to eat at home anymore anyway. I mean, hellooooo, it’s the 21st century. In fact, flaunt the fact! Accessorize and accentuate your foosball theme. And what better way to accessorize your home decor than with a few ... Read More »