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Robotic Vacuum Paths Mapped and Compared with Long Exposure Photography


When the Roomba first hit the market, everyone was like “Hey, now THIS is a gimmick I can buy into!” Roomba isn’t the only robovac on the market anymore though. In fact, quite a crowd has gathered. These photos compare three of the most popular robotic vacuums on the market, showing their paths through the power of long exposure photography. ...

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R2-D2 Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Qui-Gon’s Ashes


When you need to tidy up after the incineration of a Jedi’s corpse, there’s only one vacuum cleaner powerful enough to withstand the midichlorian count of such a powerful master is the R2VAC2, rendered by DeviantArt user Agent-Spiff. You don’t even want to know where C-3PO’s nozzle hose is located. Link [via]

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Angry Birds is Part of a Complete Breakfast


Pregnancy is never easy, but for Shirley Sirivong, the ordeal has been decidedly difficult. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, complete placenta previa and incompetent cervix, her doctor put her on bed rest and a strictly controlled diet for the remainder of her pregnancy. She’s due in late December and she has already been bed ridden for three months. But ...

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Duck Hunt Lamp: No Cartridge Blowing Required


Before gaming became complex enough to warrant entire guide books, there were casual games which required only skill, practice, timing and coordination. Duck Hunt was one of the least complex games in gaming history. Shoot at the ducks, that is it. But despite its simplicity, Duck Hunt was a hit, one of the most popular NES games and one that ...

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Fogless Mirror Lets You Shower Before You Shave


It’s the bane of all non-mountain men/lumberjacks/Rutherford B. Hayes impersonators. Taking a hot shower before you’re due for a shave can be hazardous to your sex appeal. The poor visibility of a steamy mirror can result in patches of scruff left behind. Do you really want to look like that one school librarian who always had one inch long hair ...

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3D Dinosaur Pancakes: I Dare You To Do Something Cooler


I don’t know Jim. Jim might not be multi-talented, he might be the next da Vinci of the modern world. Like I said, I don’t know the guy. But Jim is an artiste (the extra ‘e’ adds class). A master of the pancake world. Straight up, this man is the Michelangelo of griddled breakfast batter. After a trip to the ...

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Tunnel Furniture Lets You Bury Your Head in the Fabric

There are times where most of us just want to bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich. If we can’t see you, you can’t see us. Unfortunately for people using the Tunnel Chair, people can see you, and you look ridiculous. The Tunnel Chair by Noga Berman creates little nooks and crannies capable of housing various body parts. ...

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