February 28, 2015

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To DRM or Not To DRM?

So over the weekend, one of the bigger topics floating about the Internet involved Apple’s new iPod Shuffle. After dissecting the new set of headphones it comes with, Boing Boing Gadgets discovered a very small chip on the inside of the headphones that was overlooked by nearly everyone. BBG speculates that the chip is some kind of proprietary DRM chip ... Read More »

Gaming Awards

While the military usually commends the ultimate in respect and award, gamers are now branching out into awards. Have you completed the original Ninja Gaiden in a 10 minute period? Excellent. You deserve one of these NES medals for your courageous journey through the land of ninjas. Have you unleashed a 95-hit combo unto your opponent during a heated match ... Read More »

Smapler: Snap-on Arduino Design

The Smapler is quite the instrument. First off, you’ll have to build it using your trusty Arduino since it’s a shield that works in tandem with the microcontroller. It’ll allow you to build some unique and interesting instruments as well. This new snap-on panel really gives it more of an instrument-like feel though, don’t you think? It features 4 knobs, ... Read More »

Steampunk Ray Gun

Not much to say here except for a resounding “WOW.” This ray gun is a steampunk creation that was found on Flickr user Tinkerbot’s photostream. Seems Tinkerbot is all about designing fake ray guns that have a distinct vintage feel. After the jump, a selection of his best works that really put the “punk” back in the already enigmatic steampunk ... Read More »

Drum Machine Rings

Feeling nostalgic about the 1980s? Want to relive those moments of seeing New Order fire up a Roland TR-909 and go apeshit with it? Well here’s a way you can do it without copious amounts of cocaine. Just pick up some of these slick rings modeled after samplers and drum machines. I’d tell you where to get some but Boing ... Read More »

Head-shaped Fish Tank

We don’t cover too many aquariums on Gearfuse for obvious reasons (we’re prejudice against tuna) but I love the look and design of this particular fish tank. It was designed by Nicola L. and is shaped like a human head. Coincidentally, in the above photo, the fish poses as the eyeball, leading me to believe that any stoner would spend ... Read More »

Sayonara Circuit City

March 8th. That’s Sunday. So that means you officially have about 48 hours to make your way to the nearest Circuit City in an attempt to score huge deals. I mean huge deals, too, ’cause come Sunday night, Circuit City will be closing its doors for good. With 567 stores around the country, liquidating the $1.7 billion in merchandise would ... Read More »

Eee PC Shoved Inside A Keyboard

Forget netbooks. Displays and portability are both overrated. You need peripherals with entire PCs shoved into them and you need them now, hungry man. Lucky for you, ASUS had just enough time to whip up a keyboard with a whole goddamned computer shoved inside it. Standard 1.6Ghz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, etc. Not a powerhouse, but hey, it’ll ... Read More »

Verizon Wireless: Do You Want The iPhone?

Customers who are leaving Verizon Wireless are being asked to conduct an exit survey so VZW can find out why they left. The standard questions apply but one of the answers is raising some eyebrows. Can you guess? I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with iClone. Yes, Verizon Wireless is gauging how badly the iPhone is hurting its subscriber ... Read More »

Red Ring of Bullshit

Oh, Microsoft. You love to just fuck things up royally, don’t you? You almost have a certain knack for it it seems. This time around, Microsoft is now declaring that it will no longer pay for shipping on broken Xbox 360 units. Says Consumerist reader Zach: “My Xbox red-ringed for the second time this weekend. Which is almost a relief ... Read More »