March 2, 2015

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Dell Offering PC With 192GB of RAM

Fuck the hard drive. That shit is so 1997. Why bother with storage when you can just call up dell for a PC and store everything in the RAM. What, you haven’t heard? Dell is offering the Precision T7500 workstation, which comes with abnormal amount of RAM slots (16 to be specific). Each slot can take a PC10600 stick up ... Read More »

High Tech: Yankee Stadium

While I’m not a Yankees fan, one can’t deny the popularity and rich history of one of the most famous baseball teams ever. Their new stadium is still being completed in time for the 2009 season that starts next month and it’s shaping up to be quite the experience. Shown above is the 103-by-58-foot 1080p display that will show fans ... Read More »

OHM64 MIDI Controller

You’ve got beats, you’ve got a party. How are you going to bring it? Simple. Wait until Livid releases its OHM64 MIDI controller. It features a built-in LED matrix with push buttons. This will allow you to sequence only the cheesiest of 4/4 beats, ensuring maximum danceability. There are also plenty of knobs, buttons and sliders for you to play ... Read More »

OnLive Gaming Service Might Shake Up Industry

Coming up with a new, viable idea in gaming is a tough challenge. After all, look what happened to the Phantom console after years of promises. A new service from entrepreneur Steve Perlman called OnLive is looking to challenge the home console as we know it. The basic concept of OnLive is that it takes the powerful game computations that ... Read More »

Peek Unveils Pronto Email Device

We’re no strangers to Peek here at Gearfuse. The original device has gained somewhat of a cult following and has generated enough revenue and buzz for a new device. Today we have that device and it’s called the Peek Pronto. What’s so special about the Pronto? Exchange support and Push email. This is a huge move from Peek that’ll allow ... Read More »

Nintendo To Roll Out App Store?

Take this rumor with a grain of salt, but there’s indication that Nintendo could be coming out with an App Store of its own for the Nintendo DSi. The device has two cameras on it, so it makes perfect sense to allow third-party developers to take advantage of the DSi’s unique hardware. Sources say that Nintendo is actually pushing this ... Read More »

Beat Blender Prototype

The Arduino continues to power innovation and creation well into 2009. This blender, created by Matti Niinimaki, is rigged to create beats. No smoothies here, folks, just pounding techno full of cheesy sound FX. The Beat Blender prototype reads fruit embedded with RFID tags that are dropped into it. Hitting different blending speeds (Puree, Liquify, Blend, Grind, etc.) will add ... Read More »

Luke Budweiser and Beer2-D3

Ah, yes! Do you remember Lockwasher? He’s the ultimate DIYer, creating robots and sculptures from metal junk. I know, that was awhile ago but he’s back with some really awesome creations this time around. This one is called Beer2-D3 and you can easily make your own with a free afternoon, random parts and a case of Heineken it seems: What ... Read More »

Cupcake CNC Machine Kit

Jakob Lodwick, founder of Vimeo and online entrepreneur, has thrown a lot of money at DIYers Bre Pettis and Zack Hoeken. So much, in fact, that they decided to start a robot company called MakerBot Industries. The company’s first product is the Cupcake CNC machine kit. As it implies, it’s a kit that lets you build your very own CNC ... Read More »

Wacom Nextbeat: 21st Century DJ

DJing has really evolved since the 1990s. Nearly everyone uses some kind of digital interface to spin, whether it be Serato Scratch Live, Traktor 3 or even the Pacemaker. Wacom, the tablet guys, are entering into the DJ controller market with the Nextbeat. This device features a removable, wireless scratch controller that you can use to dance around the room ... Read More »