March 6, 2015

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Oh, Hell Yeah!: Apple Patent Reveals Front-Facing Camera for New iPhone

A freshly released Apple patent reveals that even though Apple isn’t saying much about the future of the iPhone, they’ve still got plenty of ideas up their sleeves over at Cupertino. The new patent reveals a tweaked UI which adjusts even further to assist the user’s needs, altering logo and interface-element sizes when you’re focus might be somewhere other than ... Read More »

Prince Unveils Limited-Edition iPod

Looking to start a revolution similar to that of the backing band from Purple Rain? Excellent. Get ready to drop $2100 on this ridiculous purple iPod Touch. The Prince Opus iPod comes with a 40-minute concert video, 15 live concert tracks, a bunch of photographs of Prince and….well, yeah, that’s about it. Only 950 of these iPods will be produced, ... Read More »

Conficker Worm Hits University

The University of Utah has quite the headache right now. You see, that annoying April 1st worm known affectionately as “Conficker” has infected over 700 computers at U of U. The worst part is that the virus has infiltrated the school’s medical computers and thus, can steal patient’s medical data. This is a huge issue for privacy advocates, IT security ... Read More »

Apple To Unveil Unibody iPod Classic?

A newly revealed patent suggests that Apple has been pondering the concept of a unibody iPod. The unibody designs which Apple have already displayed through their use in last year’s MacBooks, MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air proves that the stark design allows for thinner devices made with a stronger architecture and sturdier material. The patent reveals a unibody iPod ... Read More »

New Drobo Pro Gets 8 Slots

I’ve been a fan of the Drobo since the original debuted a few years ago. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s an external hard drive enclosure that hooks up to your PC or Mac via USB. You plug hot-swappable drives in and take them out without any sort of repercussions thanks to Drobo’s intelligent software. Before, Drobo held ... Read More »

DIY: SNES Game Cartridge USB Hub

So, you haven’t been able to find that perfect USB hub to extend your peripheral horizons, yet you’ve been looking for what feels like decades. Forget about the middleman. There’s no need to buy a hub from a third-party as long as you’ve got some time, around $30 and a little technical prowess. The SNES Game Cartridge USB Hub is ... Read More »

Steampunk: Veritas Dovetail Gang Saw

Leave it to Joel over at BBG to find the world’s most badass hand saw. It’s called the Veritas Dovetail Gang Saw and it costs a whopping $212. But you have to think about it for a minute and analyze the need for this saw. If vampires or zombies ever come after you, you’ll be prepared with three sharp blades, ... Read More »

Review: Tonium Pacemaker

I’ve been DJing since I was 15. Never professionally, only at parties, the occasional event or for my own pleasure. My first set of decks were made up of old Numark belt-driven turntables. After I got a little better, I bought Technics 1200s with Ortofon cartridges and a nice Rane mixer. That lasted me until I went digital and started ... Read More »

Rumor: $99 PS2 Coming April 5th

With April Fool’s Day right around the corner, I’m not inclined to believe a lot of the news spewing out of the blogosphere this week. However, my buddy Nicholas Deleon over at CrunchGear is reporting that some dude at Kmart says that Sony is lowering the price of the Playstation 2 to $99. That’s a killer price point for a ... Read More »

Computer Chip Ring: Bling, Bling Mothatrucka

This ring is so pimp, like a geeky version of Xzibit, or whoever the kids are listening to these days. The 1981 ATARI Ring is, as you might be able to guess from the title, a replica of the original chip used in the ATARI gaming system. 18 gold karats of geekdom. While most men would much rather be playing ... Read More »