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I Don’t Believe in Haunted Animated Books

As a self-declared skeptic, I refuse to admit the existence of these Haunted Animated Books. Theoretically, the books move and slide from their spot when someone passes by, with the purpose of creating the illusion of a so-called ‘ghost,’ which doesn’t exist I might add. I suppose they would be a nice touch to your bookshelf on Halloween if the ... Read More »

WTF Halloween Costumes: Zombie Potato

Us humans are so vicious. We take poor innocent potatoes, skin them while their friends watch and then mash them into a creamy pulp. Doesn’t sound too appetizing when explained so truthfully, huh? But what happens to the dead potatoes that are left behind? They become zombie potatoes, of course. This Zombie Potato Halloween costume is equally bizarre and surreal. ... Read More »

Buy Your Own Hacked Up Body

I had “hacked up body” on my Christmas wishlist, but sadly, Santa didn’t deliver last year, which is really lame, because I would have used this $400 ultra-realistic body for Halloween this year. *sigh* Maybe I’ll get lucky this year. Come on Santa, don’t make me beg. Link [via] Read More »

Transforming Bumblebee Costume Really Transforms

None of this photo-trickery or CGI bullshit. This awesome Bumblebee costume is 100% the real deal. Watch for yourself, about halfway through the video, the costumed dude squats down and morphs into a fricken Chevy Camaro lookalike. I’m so finding a way to get a hold of this ensemble by Halloween. Read More »

DIY: Rubik’s Cube Costume

Sure, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” might be exciting, but there’s no free candy for slurring your words like a drunken sea hobo. Halloween is now officially less than two months away, which means its time to start playing around with a few costume ideas. If you’ve been dying to dress up in something super geeky this year, you can ... Read More »

I Need Your Clothes, Boots and Your Motorcycle

Oh man. I wish that I had these back when Terminator 2: Judgment Day came out back in the early 1990s. These patches strap onto your body and give you the look of a damaged terminator. Were you planning on pulling out the Arnie Attire for Halloween? Don’t get caught without these patches, ’cause they’ll make your costume twice as ... Read More »

Pumpkin Armchair Is Perfect For Cinderella

Sure, Halloween has come and gone and it was a blast. However, like all good holidays, we tend to drag them out until people tell us we’ve gone too far. Who says we can’t enjoy the spirit of Halloween in November? Fuck ‘em! Take, for instance, this gorgeous pumpkin chair. Whether fat or thin, this chair is bound to keep ... Read More »

The OS X Finder Pillow Collection

Check out these cool Halloween-themed Finder icon pillows created by Etsy user THROWBOY, one of which claims the same name as the old orange Macs. The vampire? That’s “Count Macula.” The ghost, that’s the Spooker.” The Frankenstein, that’s the “Finderstein.” As for the pumpkin, it’s called the “Mac-O-Lantern.” Sound familiar? Of course it does. Instructables already gave you the know ... Read More »

Giant Skull Of Kitchen Crap

Skulls fascinate us. Whether it be skulls made of paper to skulls made of melted cassette tapes, we can never seem to get enough. That’s why we dig Indian artist Subodh Gupta and his art, a lot of which involves recycling old pots and pans from the kitchen. For the Frieze art fair in London, he assembled a load of ... Read More »