March 3, 2015

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Facebook Explains Yesterday’s Site Outage


Facebook Engineers posted a detailed post on their Facebook page explaining the details about yesterday’s 2.5 hour outage, the worst outage in over four years. Facebook says that, ultimately, the severity of the outage was caused by “an unfortunate handling of an error condition.” Today we made a change to the persistent copy of a configuration value that was interpreted ... Read More »

The 39 Types of People You Will Meet on Twitter and Facebook


I would add something pithy, perhaps a sub-type they missed, but this about sums it up. Oh, wait! And hashtag abusers, you know the ones…. #TCOT #Right #Conservative #Palin. And I just thought of another one – the people who share links in bulk, so a chunk of 8 tweets from the same person will show up in a row, ... Read More »

I’m Pretty Sure You’re Thinking Too Hard…


Look man. Owl City is not the first artist to write a song that doesn’t make lyrical sense. Hell, look at most songs from the past 30 years and tell me how many are meant literally. I can think of only one off hand. Great lyrics don’t have to make sense. In fact, some of the greatest lyrics make no ... Read More »

Facebook Has 11,701 Compromised Pages

Feeling secure today? A new report from AVG warns users against social networking sites and the potential for pages that compromise security. Through their research of social networking sites, AVG found 20,000 compromised pages in all, 11,701 of which are on Facebook. YouTube tallied 7,163 compromised pages. “The fact that we found almost 20,000 compromised web pages should make social ... Read More »

The Bible as Told Through Facebook

Pretty much everybody knows at least the first few words of the Bible. While the opening phrase “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” might not lend much credence to the Bible’s historical accuracy, I think it’s pretty clear that most of it is accurate. If I had a penny for everytime God asked me to build ... Read More »

This Is What Happens When You Forget to Logout of Facebook

This is why if you share a family computer or if you’re in the library or something you always, ALWAYS, remember to logout of any personal account. Because regardless of if it’s your sister, a creepy old man or some other random infantile stranger, they’re almost definitly going to be a huge fan of Justin Bieber. Trust me, that’s just ... Read More »

Romance in the Days of Facebook

This is the best you can expect ladies. So romantic. If her and her fiancee ever meet, I’m sure they’ll live happily ever after. I love Facebook just as much as anyone, but is this really what we’ve become? Actually, you know what? I can’t even blame Facebook. This is purely MySpace’s fault. Screw you, Tom! Screw you and your ... Read More »

The Facebook Wall of Historical Events: Part II

Yeah, that’s right. History is still here guys. Preserved through time on stone tablets and cave paintings. Archaeologists recently uncovered an ancient hard drive from the sands of Egypt. And held on that hard drive was an archive of the Facebook statuses that changed history. In part II of Facebook history, Cool Material explores The Crusades, Pearl Harbor, the parting ... Read More »

In Wake of Facebook Places Launch, Foursquare Has Record Number of Signups

While the talks heat up about the future of Foursquare in the wake of Facebook Places’ choppy launch, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley tweeted that yesterday set a new company record in terms of new user signups. While this can largely be attributed to Foursquare’s newly found nook in the media following the launch of Places, it bears repeating that Facebook ... Read More »

Internet Illiteracy: No, Really, You’re Doing It Wrong

#Some people just @don’t understand the lingo of the internet. Particularly people who are unaffiliated with the ways of Twitter. Hash tags certainly don’t require a degree in rocket science to understand. Most people can usually get the point after seeing a few statuses including the elusive “#” symbol. Most people. This Facebook user is not most people. I’m pretty ... Read More »