March 5, 2015

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Turn Your iPod Nano Into a Touchscreen Watch

The new iPod Nanos look like they were literally designed to be modified as a wristwatch. The tiny square shaped touchscreen device would make such an awesome watch that County Comm tried attaching the Nano to one of their standard 22mm watch band and what do ya know? It worked out perfectly. The watch band fits perfectly through the Nano’s ... Read More »

Miracle on the Hudson Recreated with LEGOs

On January 15, 2009, Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger miraculously landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the surface of the Hudson River after a collision with a flock of geese left the plane unflyable. Unbelievably, the skid landing resulted in zero fatalities, thanks to the flight skill and experience of 57-year-old Captain Sully. With the power of Twitter at our fingertips, we ... Read More »

Makeshift Travel Adapter is the Epitome of Fire Hazard

If you happen to be traveling overseas you’re going to want to bring your travel adapter, or you might end up like this guy. There are plenty of places where tourists can pick up adapters in other countries, but not if you get into your hotel at 3 a.m. with a phone in need of a charge. With a few ... Read More »

Sir Spudnik: The Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

Inspired by a craft swap project which encouraged the use of dual mediums, New York artist Sarita Maria decided to take the classic Mr. Potato Head toy and recreate him in the image of Sir Spudnik, Potato Head’s Victorian counterpart. But Maria didn’t just design a steampunk variation, she literally covered an actual Mr. Potato Head toy in metallic or ... Read More »

Portal Bookends

How would you like to be able to travel through such classic literature as Huxley’s Brave New World, Asimov’s Foundation, Palahniuk’s Fight Club and… wait a second… The Gay Science? How’d that get in there? I swear that’s not mine. That sort of thing ain’t my bag, baby. These Portal Bookends were result of one man with access to a ... Read More »

Homemade Mass Effect M8 Assault Rifle Replica

Using mostly various household products and scraps, Volpin Props created this awesome replica of the M8 Assault Rifle from the only game in recent history that features a lesbian alien-human sex scene, Mass Effect. Mostly composed of scrap parts, MDF board, PVC pipe and LEDs, Finally you’ll be able to test for your self just which game’s weapons are superior, ... Read More »

Musician Turns Trombone Into Functioning Flamethrower

This is what happens when you have spare musical instruments sitting around your house and a little too much time on your jazz hands. Jonathan Crawford, also known as YouTube user jnthncd took one of his spare trombones and turned it into a fully-functional flamethrower. Powered by a barbecue ignition system, propane, a temperature gauge to let the blower know ... Read More »

Fallout 3 A3-21 Plasma Rifle Replica

Fallout 3 replica maker Ryan Palser continues his past work with his A3-21 Plasma Rifle creation, beautifully recreating the iconic weapon from the modern post-apocalyptic RPG classic. In Fallout lore, the A3-21 is one of the only weapons still produced after the Great War. Despite its massive power, the gun can be acquired relatively early in the game. But really, ... Read More »

Amazing Man-Made Mini Landscapes

If you didn’t look close you might not have noticed, and even then you’d be hard pressed to realize that the above photograph was completely man-made using cotton, salt, cooked sugar, tin foil, feathers and canvas; a completely scaled diorama model custom molded for the camera. New Jersey-based (so automatically he’s a genius) photographer Matthew Albanese uses painstaking preparation and ... Read More »