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Super Mario Filing Cabinets

If you were shoved into the professional world kicking and shoving, it’s our opinion that you should at least be able to decorate your office how you see fit. These filing cabinets, inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2, fit right into our personal style. The geek nation might be more apt to stick to business conventions if we just had ... Read More »

Star Wars Space Invaders

While it took several months to obtain the rarer minifigs he needed to create the LEGO Star Wars Space Invaders plaque that now hangs on his wall, Chris McVeigh aka Powerpig finally finished his awesome mash-up creation. Mixing retro gaming with classic sci-fi action, the Star Wars Space Invaders combo smooshes together everything I love about being a geek. I ... Read More »

Pokeball T-Shirt

Gary Oak is never going to respect you. That’s just a fact of life in cartoon world. Typically once you’re an antagonist, you’re always an antagonist. But what’s the next best thing? Having him envy you. Throw on your Pokeball shirt and Gary will be begging you to tell you where you got it. No matter how smart his father ... Read More »

We All Live In a Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake

Inspired by The Beatles’ 1968 psychedelic animated feature, Yellow Submarine, which in turn was inspired by the song of the same name, Deviantart user Estranged Illusions created this awesome Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake. The cake itself was made using vanilla strawberry cake with strawberry filling, marshmallow fondant and white butter cream. All the frosting design was made using Color Flow ... Read More »

Batman Leaves Justice League, Joins Motorhead

As believable as this may seem, Batman never did join Motorhead. I know, it seems like a perfect fit and Lemmy probably would have jumped at the chance, but nope, this cover belongs to a series known as Great Comics That Never Happened. In the fictional series “The Brave and the Bold,” issue number 124, Batman decides he is sick ... Read More »

Marvel Comics Pedicure

Hey, everyone, look at me. My second toe is longer than my big toe. Oh, and my nails are painted. Marvel Comics stylee. Why not DC? Well, for one, my Stan Lee nipple pasties wouldn’t make much sense, now would they? Fine, fine these aren’t my feet. How can you tell? Well, for one, the toes aren’t hidden by a ... Read More »

Star Wars Cupcakes Are From an Oven Far, Far Away

Including all of your favorite Star Wars characters (except Han. Carbonite wasn’t deemed edible enough. But really, whoops!), these Star Wars Cupcakes by Flickr user Iclllc are even worthy of entering the confines of my sacred stomach. For free. Feel honored, I charge tapeworms $1500 a month for that honor. Or my doctor does. I just get to maintain this ... Read More »

iPhone 4 Cases That Actually Look Like Real Food

Strapya has done it again. And by it, I of course mean they designed a phone accessory that looks almost exactly like real food (I’m pretty sure if you look up “it” in the dictionary, that’s the proper definition). Not a crafted felt case, but a goodness to honest realistic food case. Available in eggs with bacon, bento, tonkatsu and ... Read More »

Dante’s Internet: The DIV-ine Comedy

For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. For every internet sin there’s an equal and totally fucking justified punishment. Welcome to Internet Hell, inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Specifically Dante’s Inferno. Dante’s Internet features 9 circles, including the spot reserved for the worst of the worst offenders, “special hell.” Everybody from trolls to hackers are at risk ... Read More »