February 27, 2015

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The Four Velociraptors of the Apocalypse

A single Velociraptor might not have been much of a match for a Tyrannosaurs Rex, but a quartet of raptors with an evil appetite could take on the world. The Velociraptors of the Apocalypse t-shirt put an end to the debate on what caused the global extinction of the dinosaurs. Recent scientific discoveries suggest that Chuck Norris might have had ... Read More »

Because It’s Friday: A Couch That Looks Like a Giant Cat

It’s about that time again. Our favorite day of the week besides Caturday. In honer of this very special Friday, which happens to land on the 13th, we thought we might share an extra special superstitious piece of Friday goodness. Behold, the Giant Cat Couch, which may or may not be a spooky Giant BLACK Cat Couch. I don’t know. ... Read More »

Inception: The NES Game

I happen to be one of the few dozen people who haven’t seen Inception yet. I hear it’s quite the mind-trip. Although I usually have a rule that I never, ever play games based on movies under any circumstances, Inception for the NES seems like it would be a rather interesting experience. One element that the NES lacked, like most ... Read More »

The Newly Patented Self-Burying Screw-In Coffin

When I die I want to be locked inside of a hermetically sealed screw-shaped chamber and screwed into the ground, rather than buried, with little, if any assistance from a grave digger. If I had made this request a month ago, it would have seemed outlandish and eccentric. But I’m proving all my critics wrong! California inventor Donald Scruggs was ... Read More »

Touch Menus in Restaurants Could Eliminate The Need For Servers (and Tips)

About 90% of resturant awkwardness occurs when trying to converse with the server. I think most of the small talk is awkward for a few simple reasons. First, you don’t really care whether the waitress is having a busy night or not. You just want your food. Second, the waitress doesn’t really care how your evening is going. She just ... Read More »

Dalek Birthday Cake

Even if you don’t regularly spend your birthday in and out of police boxes, you’ve got to hand it to Stacked Cakes for creating this ultra-realistic Dalek Cake, inspired by Doctor Who’s most reviled arch-nemesis, complete with moving and swiveling parts. Standing 22″ high and weighing nearly 20 kg, this cake could probably feed the entire planet of Skaro. And ... Read More »

Smokey the Bear Vomiting Fire and Other Results of Surrealism Meets Pop Art

If you’re the type of person who considers Wilma Flintstone’s nipple and Mr. Peanut beating the living hell out of a California Raisin pieces of art, seek professional help… immediately. Actually no, wait a second. First you can look at these surrealistic pieces of pop art by Todd Schoor, which melds together the bizarre with the overplayed. If you happen ... Read More »

The Good, The Bad and the Dark Side: R2-D2 Stormtrooper Helmet

“Hey, Artoo, you look a little different today.” “Who? Me?” “Yeah… you. Did you get a haircut?” “Uhhh… no, no, I’m on a diet. I’ve lost a few pounds.” “Ahh, that explains it. Wait… could you speak English yesterday?” “Ummm… yes?” “Oh, alright then. Carry on.” If Darth Vader ever wants to send a mole over to infiltrate the geniuses ... Read More »

Ambidextrous Street Artist Shows Off His Skills

I can’t even come close to what he’s drawing, even using one hand and taking as much time as I need. Maybe if I traced it. Maybe. But even then, I’d find a way to mess it up. That’s no exaggeration. I’m really that bad. I find this sort of coordination incredible. It just seems a little unfair. I’ve admitted ... Read More »