March 2, 2015

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This Optical Illusion Makes Me Doubt My Body’s Honesty


I refuse to admit that my eyes would lie to me this bad. I mean, me and my eyes have had some tussles. But I will NEVER, EVER, EVER let them live it down if I discover they've lied to me again. Not this time. Now way! There's an ice cream scooper with your name on it, bub. Read More »

Red (or Any Other Color) iPhone 4 Now Available

OK, so it might not be an Apple-approved model, but it gets the job done. For $250, which is more than the phone itself, even when bought with a new wireless contract, ColorWare will paint your iPhone 4 (much like they did for previous models) in any color combination you desire. So, yeah, for $250 you’re paying for a little ... Read More »

Pantone Colored Leather Chair

For people who just can’t decide on an interior color scheme. This Pantone Printed Leather Chair shows off Sif Technology’s ability to print color onto leather. Unfortunately, these chairs aren’t available for purchase. Come on, why is it always the coolest shit that never sees the light of day? High-production cost. Link Read More »

Programmable RGB LED Strip

What’s a programmer to do. Buy a hard-to-find LED strip? Most likely. He’ll then probably spend weeks hacking it so he can interface it with an Arduino. Afterwards, the LEDs will fade in and fade out for weeks to come, as our hero desperately tries to make sense of all this. After meeting with a friend, our hero and his ... Read More »


If you’ve got $12 and a whole ‘lotta patience, you can score one of these colorful LEGO USB hubs from Korea. Four ports of fury and you can build with them! Why do all the good gadgets come from Asia? Americans always get the shaft, save for the iPhone. Link Read More »

Color Picker Lets You Grab The Colors of Nature

Photoshop has this neat little tool which allows you to grab a selected color from pretty much any image you want. Does that photo of an apple have that perfect red you’ve been looking for? The Color Picker by Jinsun Park allows you to grab any color, from any source, at any time and draw with that selected color, using ... Read More »

Levi’s 501 Jeans In A Paint Bucket

No idea where you can get these or who designed them but I want a pair. Of course, I could just go to Uniqlo and pick out any color I damn well please but look! They come in a paint can! Link Read More »

Google Images Gets Colorful

I was searching on Google Images today and noticed a new feature that must have been rolled out recently. Before, you could filter by image size and content. Now there’s an option to filter images by color. That’s right. Let’s say you’re searching for an image of some jewelry but you only want to display blue items. A few clicks ... Read More »

Taste The Rainbow: Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is a fantastic computer for day-to-day use or as a media center box for your TV. Problem is, that anodized aluminum finish can look dull sitting next to all your other gadgets surrounding your television. Spice it up a little with a paint job from Computer Choppers. For a whopping $200, they’ll gladly dye your Mac Mini ... Read More »

Real Quick: The Prismatic Shadow

I just love the color scheme Alex Fojtik used to create this LEGO robot/mech. The all-black body with rainbow prism accents really makes for a good build. Check out his website for more LEGO creations. Link [via] Read More »