March 4, 2015

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PSP iPhone Case

From the same Etsy designer who brought us the Xbox 360 iPhone case. The “screen panel” flips open to reveal a clam shell iPhone case meticulously designed to resemble Sony’s portable PSP console. Now if only we could download PSN content onto the iPhone. Link [via] Read More »

5th Gen iPod Nano Case Makes Device Look Like a Proper Camera

There has already been a fair share of quips about the video camera on the new 5th generation iPod Nano, most having to deal with the video quality and the positioning of the lens on the device. But what about the fact that it looks nothing like a camera? If you weren’t down with tech blogs, you’d probably not even ... Read More »

iPhone Case Claims to be Wallet Killer

While Thomas Marriot is convinced that his Lightweight iPhone case will one day be the end of the wallet, I don’t see this case becoming a wallet killer. It just doesn’t offer enough space. Great, it can hold a credit card or two, but what about spare cash? What about the 10 receipts I have stuck in my wallet at ... Read More »

Colored Pencil Wall Display Made of 500 Pencils

Social Designer created this Colored Pencil Wall Display, using 500 colored pencils and mounted plastic casings to create not only a work of gradient-inspired wall art, but a totally convenient way to grab your pencils. Not only does it look really neat, but it’s sure to save some space as all your coloring implements are in one place. It’s going ... Read More »

Straitjacket for Your iPhone

There’s not much you can do once your iPhone starts talking to itself and begins making vague threats about killing hookers. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to keep an eye on your unhinged device, but ownership laws say otherwise. This straitjacket-like Strap-On iPhone case seems like it’ll keep your phone pretty much stationary. No more all-night benders. No more sleeping ... Read More »

Lined Paper Pencil Case

Looking for some much needed flash to accompany you in academia? The ultra-realistic Lined Paper Pencil Case is designed to look like a fresh piece of standard lined paper. The only hazard I could find with this case is that it could easily be confused with a stray scrap of paper and chucked into the trash. Just keep an eye ... Read More »

Kindle Case Remembers Everything Amazon Forgot

Though widely acclaimed and highly anticipated, Amazon’s Kindle 2 isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Much like any awesome gadget, there are tons of ways to improve the user’s experience even further than what is already offered by the gadget alone. The Periscope Kindle case is a leather-bound case which offers a host of useful little gadgets which ... Read More »

Wood iPhone 3G Cases

These handmade cases for the iPhone 3G are really something. Clearly a lot of time and craftsmanship went into making each one and lucky for you, they’re up for sale on Etsy. At $85, it’s not a cheap case and don’t even think about keeping it in your pocket – it’s simply too large. This is more of a luxury ... Read More »

Mac Mini Apple II Case

Apple II. Famous computer. Used one back in 1st and 2nd grade. Ugly as shit, though. That’s why I wonder what someone is doing putting a gorgeous-looking Mac Mini inside an ugly old, dilapidated beige box such as this one. To each his own I guess. You know, making a case mod from old Apple hardware isn’t a hard task. ... Read More »

Contest: Is That An iPhone…?

Of course it isn’t you cheap bastard! But! We do have a lovely selection of cases from Proporta that are ready for the taking. We have up for grabs: 1 Soft Feel Silicone Case and 2 Maya Leather Pouches. These are superbly made cases and let’s face it: you do NOT want to break or scratch an iPhone 3G, unless ... Read More »