March 3, 2015

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The First Electric Lamborghini


While Tesla is still the head of the class in terms of electric super cars, there are plenty of auto-enthusiasts and Lambo devotees who still don’t have an alternative green vehicle to add to their luxury car collection. Designer Andrei Avarvarii designed the Lamborghini Minotauro as a smooth and voluptuous green alternative to the angular and sharp design of the ... Read More »

Inside Out One! *punch*: The Inside Out Volkswagen

My brother and I love playing that Volkswagen punching game when we’re cruising down the road. Well, more like my brother punches me and I grimace. I’m truly terrible at it. So it’s more like a one-sided slugfest then a true game. Black one! Red one! Inside out one! Wait… huh?! AlmapBBDO’s newest advertisement for the Volkswagen Fox turns the ... Read More »

Slide to Unlock Car Sticker Decal

If you’ve chosen the career path of car jacking, you’re job has likely never came very easily. There’s the trouble of car alarms, conscientious bystanders, not too mention police officers. Can’t a man steal another man’s vehicle in peace? Lucky for all of you aspiring car jack-artists out there, your job just got a whole lot easier, or at least ... Read More »

Carstache Makes Your Vehicle More Sophisticated

Once your car has a mustache it’ll never want to return to its hairless ways. Just look what happened to Alex Trebek once he ditched his mustache. Rumor has it that he was mauled by zebras and his current replacement is a scientifically-created genetic clone. Luckily the government knows better now then to leave our nations game show hosts unduplicated. ... Read More »

How To Install the iPad Into Your Car’s Dashboard

You’ve finally got the iPad and the novelty of playing around with it has sort of worn off. Understandable. That new gadgetexcitement can only last so long, but there are ways to extend that excitement. Check out this project which teaches you how to integrate your iPad right into the dashboard of your car. Using the Toyota Tacoma as an ... Read More »

Lamborghini Ankonian Concept: Child of the Batmobile

Innovation meets beauty with the creation of the Lamborghini Ankonian Concept. Not your grandpapi’s Lambo, this bad boy appears to be created using reptilian metallic scales. Built like some sort of dinosaur/shielded Batmobile hybrid, the Arkonian is pretty much an orgasm in car form. Read More »

Ford Announces $650 Car

Ford has done it again. Just when we thought they were all out of surprises. Finally a car I can afford without having to go through those damn greedy banks. I can’t wait to cruise around picking up chicks in my new ride. Ford VP made a startling announcement today, unveiling their new $650 vehicle of the future. Without further ... Read More »

Pimp My Pac: Pac-Man Pimps Out Yet Another Ride

There’s something about Pac-Man that draws car owners to paste him all over their vehicles. This car might not have the gullwing doors have the last Pac car we posted about, but what it does have is an additional dose of Packy flair. Everything down to the rims is adorned with Pac-love, and I’m simply loving the custom leather upholstery. ... Read More »

Pac-Man Car with Gullwing Doors

I don’t recall how many Pac-Man-themed cars I might have seen in my life, but this is no doubt the coolest, even if it’s only for the totally rad gullwing doors. Flickr user CarlaDallas took a shot of the awesome vehicle and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure. The details are scant so the owner is nowhere to be found, ... Read More »