February 28, 2015

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Video Game Console Architecture

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to shrink down small enough so I could magically jump into my favorite video games. I’d just crawl right inside the console and figure out a way to worm myself into the action. Sure, you can say that’s scientifically impossible, but whatever. A man doesn’t need to worry about your so-called “facts ... Read More »

The Real Simpsons House

A crazy Simpsons fanatic has created this amazing full-scale clone of the Simpsons’ home. Located in Henderson, Nevada, the Simpsons house is painted to resemble the bright colored, cartoony animation used in the show. Read More »

Arctic Mobile Unit Sustains Life in Extreme Climates

I’ve sort of always wanted to honeymoon in the Arctic. Sure, there’s nothing to do outdoors, but that’s sort of the point, if you get my drift. *rawr* Designed to withstand an Arctic winter, the Arctic Mobile Unit provides life support for up to three people for 15 days. Perfect for a hump-tastic fortnight-long procreation marathon. Gotta keep each other ... Read More »

Dude Builds A House (Yes, A House) Out of LEGO Bricks

Former GEARFUSE editor and resident GEARhead, Vince Veneziani, was kind enough to tip us off to this awesome project by Barnaby Gunning, who designed this insanely insane house made entirely of LEGO bricks, not just repaired with the bricks, like we’ve seen in the past. Insane. Oobject has the low down on the house with an interview with the architect ... Read More »

Dubai Building World’s Tallest Arch Bridge

Oh, Dubai. You built worlds in the ocean, but it wasn’t enough. You scraped the sky and laughed at the clouds, but it wasn’t enough. And you also built the Palazzo Versace, but it isn’t enough. So what’s another $817 million, right? That’s how much it’s going to cost to build the world’s tallest arch bridge. The goal is to ... Read More »

LEGO Architecture Collection

LEGOs aren’t reserved to building cocks and sunglasses, you know. The latest series of building bricks revolved around architecture at its finest and begins with the new Frank Lloyd Wright collection. In case you forgot, Wright is that camous contemporary architect who did the Fallingwater house. Look real closely at the above image and it should start to all make ... Read More »

The Forest of One

The room was designed by Japanese architects Naruse Inokuma and features wood trees, plant life and other goodies that help the room resemble a forest. I think it’s more suited for children but hey, who says adults can’t have fun? Click through to find out more about this unique domicile. Link Read More »