March 6, 2015

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Got a Little Boba in You?

Boba Fett is my personal rum of choice and probably my favorite alcoholic beverage. But nothing can beat a tall Obiweiser on a hot Tatooine day. Link Read More »

DrinkTracker iPhone App Keeps Track of Your BAC

Well, this would have been nice to have known about this past Fourth of July weekend, wouldn’t it have been? The DrinkTracker iPhone application allows you to set a goal BAC while calculating an estimated current level based on what you’ve had to drink. The DrinkTracker automatically compares your drink intake to your metabolic removal rate, calculating your BAC every ... Read More »

Beer In A Pouch

Look, I’ve talked about sneaking alcohol into concerts several times before. It’s something that we as men just have a natural need for when we’re rocking out and we’d like to save a buck while we’re at it. These beer pouches? Perfect for crotch stuffing. I bet you could cram a damn six-pack in between your ass cheeks no problem. ... Read More »

Disposable Flasks

The next time you head off to a baseball game, concert or event in a park, try bringing one of these nifty disposable flasks. They cost a mere $2.55 each, so they won’t break your wallet. The best part is that they initially come flat and grow bigger with more liquid, making it easier to stuff into your crotch right ... Read More »

Crafts for Alcoholics: Butterfly Beer Can and Vinyl Wall Art

One recycling bin is hardly enough to hold the refuse of a single distinguished alcoholic. The problem is that sometimes your local recycling service limits your recyclable volume to one measly container. That leaves plenty of empty beer cans ready to be transformed. Not an alcoholic himself, Paul Villinski had to resort to picking beer cans off of the street ... Read More »

Chug Meter: Measure Your Binge Drinking

Have $25 and drink a ton of beer at parties? Slap down a Lincoln and Jackson and pick up this Chug Meter glass. It measures how much you can chug in one shot, essentially showing the world that you’re either a beer drinking champion or a big pussy. Link Read More »

Beer Soap: Bars of Soap Made With Your Favorite Lager

Does that special alcoholic in your life complain about how you so rarely smell like you’ve been drenched in booze? No longer with Beer Soap! Made with an assortment of smelly ingredients and a wide-range of beers, Beer Soap is the only personal washing material guaranteed to give you a buzz if eaten. (Admittedly, there are easier ways to do ... Read More »

Beer Blaster: Finally A Weapon To Use With Our Beer Holster

We’ve fooled around with a few alcoholic holsters in the past. Frankly, they all felt sort of empty. What’s a holster without a high-powered weapon? Sure, we still had multiple cans of beer to keep us busy, but we need to be shooting something WHILE we drink to really feel like real men. The Beer Blaster allows you to literally ... Read More »

A Gun You Won’t Be Afraid To Get Shot By

That tequila shooting pistol we wrote about was child’s play compared to this real shot gun. No, not shotgun — shot gun. It’s a gun that shoots shots of booze wherever you aim it. It’s called the Shots Gun Drink Dispenser and it’s sure to be the life of any party. What makes it so rad is it can fit ... Read More »

Cocktail Chemistry

Now you can act like a mad scientist all while secretly being a complete drunk. This $40 Cocktail Chemistry set features a drink shaker, as well as some test tubes and a beaker all with laboratory logos slapped on ‘em. Mix some battery acid, Jack Daniels and seltzer water together and you’ve got yourself a Dirty Hyde. It’s a drink ... Read More »