Sudokube Scares The Hell Out Of Your Brain


Mixing together the design of Rubik’s Cube and the brain-teasing mathematics of Sudoku, the Sudokube is a puzzle that your brain might be too scared to even attempt. The product page claims this toy is for Ages 5 and up. What sort of 5-year-old is capable of solving this and where does he live? So I can kick his scrawny smug ass to prove my worth.

The square measures 2.25″ on all of its sides and is available for only $4. When the puzzle isn’t even complete in the promotional image, it’s time to worry. — Andrew Dobrow


One comment

  1. This isn’t a real Sudocube. The faces only have to have 1-9 on each, there is no row or column organisation. that could, however, be done on a 4 by 4 cube.

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