Star Wars Cereal: Grape-Hutts, Count Dookula, Troop Loops and More

Some people prefer to pour a whole box of cereal into one massive bowl. Others like to eat it in human-sized quantities. But you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten cereal using the will of the Force. If you only knew the power of the sugar-coated side.

These mini-boxes of cereal will be given to attendees of the Celebration V Collectors Panel in very limited quantities (about 400 boxes of each produced). There are 14 different boxes to collect. So grab a spoon and clear your calendar. You’re headed to Orlando, Florida from August 12-15.

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  1. Wait… No Chewie Granola Bars?

  2. I would have went with Chewie-os instead of Greedos.

  3. And, no Princess Leia Pebbles?

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