Saturday , 20 December 2014

RAID 0 – Ultimate Performance Until Something Goes Wrong

raid 0

RAID 0 provides ultimate speed for your data – until something goes wrong and you need RAID recovery. AID 0 provides ultimate speed for your data – until something goes wrong and you need RAID recovery. For the ultimate in computer performance and speedy data access, nothing comes close to RAID 0 for disk arrays. Although the computer industry continues ... Read More »

Rad Pieces of Kit for Your Business


Do you ever long for a dolloping of pizazz in your business? A rad bit of kit or service that will light up your customers’ eyes and have them coming back for seconds? Well, you’re not alone – any self-respecting company with success on their mind wants a new service to wow consumers. That’s why we’ve put together these classy ... Read More »

How Pitchi Videos Are Changing Lives


In a fast-paced internet world, where everybody has something to sell, it becomes hard to connect with the right audience at the right price. But you see, back then, the web was only one-way, meaning content could exist, but with no action from the reader’s side. And since there was a need to embrace user interaction, the inventors of the ... Read More »

Which Comes First: The Blog or the Readers?

Which Comes First: The Blog or the Readers?

Scott Stratten, author of the bestsellers “Unmarketing” and “Unselling,” didn’t start blogging for his company until he’d already built up a substantial Twitter following. When he discusses his strategy in interviews, he says that there’s no point in creating content when you don’t have an audience waiting to read it. He suggests that it’s a waste of time to create ... Read More »

LIVE WORK PLAY Introduces PULSE The World’s Most Versatile Charger


Lets be honest, you take your electronics everywhere they are not supposed to go: hiking, jogging, skiing, adventuring etc and staying connected is a necessity. PULSE ($69) by Live Work Play, is a hybrid portable battery charger that generates electricity from traditional power sources ( Wall outlets, USB, etc) AND the sun – to make sure you’ll have power anywhere, anytime. PULSE is ... Read More »

Rise in Mobile Purchases

Rise in mobile purchases

Smaller screens are meaning big business as mobile internet usage continues to grow. Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that in 2014 almost 7 in 10 adults (68%) had used mobile devices to connect to the internet away from home or work. This soared to 96% of those aged 16 to 24, meaning that almost every young ... Read More »