How to choose the perfect international calling card


Technology breaks all boundaries nowadays and calling cards are the hero when it comes to calling internationally for the cheap. Say goodbye to the days when you used to pay a fortune just to call overseas, you can now do that for just a few cents per minute and enjoy great call quality while using your current carrier. Let’s see ...

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Amazing New Car Parts: New Concepts, New Tires, New Horizons


There’s a lot of news going around right now about new technology for cars. Self-driving cars are all the rage, and individual pieces of electronic-driving technology, from blind spot cams to LIDAR devices, are the talk of those who don’t yet want to turn over driving completely to a machine. The press goes kind of crazy for “sexy” car parts ...

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The Best Gear For Your Trip To The Gym


If you are a regular gym goer, then you understand that you need to have certain gadgets with you to keep your motivation up and your goals on track. Most people wouldn’t even consider heading to the gym without some of their best gear, make sure that you have these great gadgets with you. There are plenty of gyms in ...

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I’ll Have a Bluetooth Christmas


Three Clever Bluetooth Gadgets That Make Great Stocking Stuffers   “I’ll have a blue Christmas…,” Elvis Presley sang back in 1968. No wonder he was depressed: there was no Internet, no smart phones, and you had to get off the couch to change TV channels. In 2015 though, you can turn someone’s “blue Christmas” into a merry “Bluetooth Christmas,” with ...

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Check Out These Rad Gift Ideas for The Health Nuts in Your Life


It’s that time of year again when you’re racking your brain trying to figure out what to get everyone as a gift. While you could very well go and grab a meaningless gift and wrap it, it feels so much better when you can give someone something they’ll actually appreciate and get some use out of. With health being such ...

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A Business Guide To Cloud Based Phone Systems

Touching Cloud Computing - Stock Image

Many businesses are finding that upgrading their communication system is an effective way to gain business efficiencies while saving money.  Moving your business to a cloud-based phone service, meaning VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol to make use of a network hosted by a third party (cloud based), can be a challenging process.  One of the most important decisions is ...

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RFID Technology Overview

Grocery store line

Can you imagine a time when you won’t have to wait at the checkout line to pay for items at the grocery store? In the future, the items in your cart can be read instantly without having to scan items individually. As a result of recent developments in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, this is a very real possibility! RFID ...

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Audio Technica In-Ear Headphones ATH-ANC33iS Review


Introduction How many times have you faced the irksome situation of being stuck in a noisy environment with nothing apart from your iPod for company? The noise does not let you enjoy your music in peace and you end up switching the music off out of sheer frustration. Remember that baby who screamed throughout that cross-country flight? That is just ...

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Smart Travel Choices: Must Have Gadgets In Your Bag


Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? If so, then congratulations, you’ve made the right decision, and you will certainly have something to write home about. Then again, what if you had something more to send home? What if you had the ability to send a video of your adventure from your own point of view? ...

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IK Multimedia iRic Mic Lav Review – Mobility with Quality


When you want to capture great audio field with superior microphone technology, the iRig Mic Lav gives you everything you need. From the makers of iRig Mic Studio, this gadget is for those who do not want to compromise on the quality of sound on the go. What’s amazing, you can monitor your source while recording too. And not all ...

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