Thursday , 30 October 2014

Netflix Plays With Streaming 4K Video


4K is the next big thing when it comes to video and now Netflix is joining the ranks in experimenting with 4K video. This week Netflix tested the waters by placing six clips of 4K video in to the mix. The testing of 4K video is part of Netflix’s decision to provide “ultra HD” video to subscribers, something which they ... Read More »

Choosing an eReader When You Are on a Budget


If you want to buy an eReader, but have a tight budget, there are some things to consider that can make you more confident in your purchase. There are many types of eReaders on the market and many of them are also tablets. While they are not inherently inexpensive, they are very affordable, especially in comparison to other tablet devices or small computers. Read More »

The Evolution of Fraud in the Internet Age

internet scam

Human beings have been defrauding one another since before we kept track of time on anything other than the sky. While numerous methods have been used over the years to combat and defend against it, the Internet has made fraud detection and protection more difficult and crucial. Read More »