Playster Review: Streaming App and Tablet


If you love subscription-based entertainment services and have always wondered if there’s a hack to get movies, music, books and games under one roof, then you’ll want to give Playster a try. The latest contender in the world of online streaming, Playster offers users access to unlimited entertainment in all its forms. Whether you download the app or log in through ...

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Learn How to Find the Top IT Outsourcing Services


You want everything about your small business to be as good as it possibly can be, and this includes the computer systems and network that you and your employees use. A quality system that functions well and runs the way it needs to not only makes everyone’s job a little easier it makes it better for dealing with customers as ...

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Best iOS Apps for Students


Apps have managed to make our lives easier in a lot of ways. They have made it more convenient for us to work, commute, shop for groceries, study, eat and even watch TV. These things can be very helpful, and their usefulness should not be underestimated. Apps can go a long way to help you in your daily life and ...

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Top 5 Android Apps for Selfie-Freaks


The newest trend in social networking is taking and posting pictures of oneself, i.e. selfies. While many criticize the trend by dubbing it narcissistic and wasteful, we say it’s a great way to express yourself through your own eyes. Selfies allows us to define ourselves to the world, instead of letting other people decide who and what we are. Of ...

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5 Best Platforms for Vlogging


If you’re reading this page you’re probably already well aware of what vlogging means. However, if you’re new to the whole thing and only have a vague notion of what vlogging entails, here’s the cliffnotes version: it is blogging with videos. Instead of writing blog entries relaying your thoughts, ideas and experiences in depth you can just video tape yourself ...

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Top Marketing Trends for Your Small Business


The latest market trends can help your small company get off on the right foot. The top advances can also help broaden your audience and build a more solid foundation with your customers. Unfortunately, with the wide variety of ways to advertise, you may not know which road is the most successful for your small business. The following tips can ...

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Try Not to Forget These Things for Your Office Move


When you look back on your life you have probably moved to a new home at least a few times. Making a move like this may seem stressful for you but it can be a cakewalk compared to what moving a business can be like. Whether you are moving a small office with a just a few employees or a ...

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Keeping Your Money Safe Online

fraud alert

With the increasing popularity of e-commerce websites and online services, there is also an increase in the cases of financial fraud. Financial fraud can be of any type- fake lottery messages that ask you to pay some kind of tax in order to receive the prize money, some fake websites asking for your credit card details to download the movie, ...

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How Would You Like To Get Paid To Save Energy?


Are you in California, and looking for a little extra income every year? This may be the answer to your prayers. To understand how you could potentially earn money for saving energy, you need to understand how the national grid charges you for your energy. The average household typically consumes a certain amount of energy every week. Now, power plants ...

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Coffee at work – Friend or Foe?


Coffee is the world’s caffeinated beverage of choice. Even with the wide range of choices we have today coffee seems to be everyone’s go-to energy boosting drink. For most people, going an entire day at the work without coffee is a sheer impossibility. Several shots of caffeine to the system seem to be the only thing keeping us on our ...

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