6 Dangers Of Instagram; One Solution To Save Your Teens!!!

teen ager

In a Piper Jaffray semiannual survey, teens were asked about their favorite social network and almost one-third of them reported the photo-sharing app Instagram as their most used social network. The results show that teens today are abandoning traditional social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter for Instagram. But is this a better option? Evaluate yourself after having a look at ...

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Bangladeshi Blogger Seeks Refugee Status in Canada


There is a long history of discrimination against the irreligious. Perhaps it’s because they’re underrepresented in the media—often portrayed as confused ex-believers or even sinister agents trying to take away people’s faith—or perhaps it’s because the taboo against criticism of religion is still so prevalent, especially in deeply religious communities. In the West, they’re often treated as outsiders—apostates who’ve abandoned ...

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Is 2016 Set to be the Year of the eBike?


Urban commuting may be set for big changes with the rise of electric bikes. Formerly relegated to niche markets, eBikes – as they’re commonly referred –have been creeping into the mainstream with design innovations, cost-effective prices and health benefits, meaning 2016 could be a very good year for eBikes. Overall benefits Electric bikes are a great way to commute to ...

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How Remote DBA Services Can Make Your Business a Success

data services

Information is very important to any business. Data about the market, new products, competitors and new innovation in the industry is all very important to a business. Traditionally, this information was stored in file cabinets. Today, it is stored in database systems. Database systems allow you to gain access to business information quickly in a computerized system. These systems can ...

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How Tech Companies Can Appeal to Millennial Consumers

In today’s day and age, more and more people are launching start-ups related to the tech industry. Launching one’s own tech company is easier than ever before, thanks to platforms that allow creators to self-publish their apps and software easily and simply. Plus, tech start-ups can often involve very low opening costs but yield excellent profits. It’s a growing field ...

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Have Peugeot Re-launched The Hot Hatch For The Modern Era?


The so-called ‘hot hatch’ is one of the world’s most iconic (and underrated) automotive designs, and one that first came to the attention of consumers back in 1973 with the humble Simca 1100TI. The hot hatch market has evolved considerably in the three decades since, with today’s incarnations renowned as bring high-performance models framed within a three of five door ...

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Why Leasing Gets Overlooked And Why It Shouldn’t Be


While the concept of renting or leasing vehicles is nothing new, it continues to be overlooked in the commercial world. This issue came into sharp focus recently, after both the rental and leasing industries earned considerable praise for diversifying the automotive market and driving economic growth. With this in mind, it is pertinent to ask quite why leasing is so ...

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Top 3 Misconceptions Of Motorcycle Ownership


Owning and riding a motorcycle can be one of the most thrilling exercises known to man, but it is also the subject of numerous misconceptions. These can create a huge stigma for riders, while they may also prevent them from making insurance claims and in some instances deter them from picking up a helmet in the first place. It is ...

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Why Do Modified Cars Need Specialist Insurance?

modified car

Vehicle and automotive modification is a diverse pastime, and one that can have multiple goals for car-owners. While some modifications are designed to improve the speed or performance of a vehicle, for example, others have the primary goal of enhancing its visible appearance. There are also some modifications that are aimed improving the accessibility of a car, such as those ...

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Tips for Parents to keep their Children Safe Online


Internet is undoubtedly a useful tool for children and they need it for finding various links for their school assignments and learning new things. There are many things for parents to actually worry, while they are permitting their children to get independently into the world of Internet. Kids safety online can be secured by the help of sophisticated software solutions ...

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