Sunday , 20 April 2014

Is This The End For Blackberry?

BlackBerry Q10

Things have been looking shaky for Blackberry for a while now despite the insistence of Blackberry fans that corporate use of the devices would keep the company afloat. Unfortunately though, it looks like the end of the road is approaching for Blackberry. Read More »

The iPhone 5S, The Cheaters Nightmare?

Paranoia abounds in a recent article from TechCrunch entitled "Your Nosy Boy/Girlfriend Can Unlock Your iPhone 5s With Your Thumb While You Sleep." We already talked about why we won't be picking up the new iPhone but this article made us giggle like a schoolgirl. Read More »

5 Reasons Why We Like iTunes Radio Better Than Pandora

iTunes Radio

We have been using Pandora for...well, years, but with the announcement of iTunes Radio we have to admit to being slightly giddy. Why? Well, there are a few things about Pandora that we could live without, take a look at five of the reasons why we have fallen in love with iTunes Radio and out of love with Pandora. Read More »

Score One For Starcraft 2!

Starcraft 2

Starcraft players rejoice because according to a study by Red Bull’s gaming arm, playing Starcraft 2 might just make you smarter. The Redbull study found that cognitive flexibility is something that can be trained through studying gamers in a controlled environment. Read More »