Thursday , 18 September 2014

About Collections


Tony Conrad and Ryan Frietas from have announced the launch of collections. The new service applies to all profiles and allows users to create collections of people linked to their profile based on a variety of criteria established by the user. Read More »

Netflix Takes The Lead Over HBO


Netflix posted their third quarter earnings today and blew projections out of the water with an increase of 1.3 million subscribers. Netflix now has more than forty million subscribers and has overtaken HBO in paid subscribers. Read More »

Ophone, A Smartphone For Your Nose?


The concept of "Smellovision" has been around for a while but no one has yet to really bring it to life...and we're actually pretty happy about that. Le Laboratoire has something planned however, that could put the concept in to action. Read More »

The USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

When it comes to gadgets that we just can't live without flash drives have to top the list every single time because...well, do you remember life before flash drives? Exactly. Well, things just got a little more exciting! Read More »