5 Ecommerce Platforms with Stellar Support Communities


The ecommerce industry is climbing and is expected to reach nearly $500 billion by 2018, according to reports published in Internet Retailer. You, armed with an idea and relentless motivation, are ready to enter this industry, but you need an excellent ecommerce platform. So which one should you choose? Even though platforms are designed to be simple and ready to ...

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Don’t Click that Link! Signs That You’re About to Be Phished


Phishing scams have been around for decades and are still used for one simple reason: they work! Scammers use spam emails or messages to entice users into clicking infected links where they share their emails and passwords. That’s all it takes to steal your private information. Believe it or not, almost one-third of employees still fall for phishing emails! Why ...

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The Credit Card Security Chip: Is It a Hassle or Is It Life Saving?


Credit cards with new EMV security chip technology (for “Euromoney, Mastercard, Visa”) were designed to reduce fraud by using a cryptographic key to verify the card’s legitimacy and to generate a one-time code for each transaction. Regrettably, users’experiences with EMV cards have not matched expectations. Many users report that the card is a hassle because transaction processing is too slow. ...

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The Mad Mathematician


The game of bingo which is enjoyed world over today owes a very big jackpot to the brains behind the numbers, Carl Leffler. The man who brought bingo to America was the humble toy maker, Edwin S. Lowe. Travelling through a carnival in Atlanta, he chanced upon a group of people playing an early version of Beano which was hosted ...

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Survival Tips for Holiday Travel


With so many people traveling during the holiday season, getting from one place to another can be trying, stressful, and more trouble than seems worth it. These helpful tips on how to avoid long lines at airports, avoid terrible drivers, how to pack, and how to save money can ease your pain a little bit. After all, the holidays are ...

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Fun Facts About Welding That You Probably Didn’t Know


There are many different job opportunities in the field of welding and each one incorporates technology and manufacturing. There are also many levels of welding certification, with varying focuses and concentrations. It’s an ancient skill and one of the few remaining hands-on careers for men and women who appreciate the art of welding. The Old – and New – Technology ...

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Three Tips for Small Businesses to Supercharge their Content Marketing


Content marketing is critical to the online success of small businesses due to three reasons: it doesn’t require a big budget to get started, it delivers tangible results in the long run, and it establishes the authority of small businesses in their respective industry. The third being the most important reason because no other means of online marketing can establish ...

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How will Trump’s Election Financially Impact the Tech Sector?


Donald Trump’s recent election as president has launched a great deal of speculation about how the businessman’s policies will affect a multitude of industries. For the tech sector, a Trump presidency could have a multitude of benefits and/or consequences. It just depends on who you ask. Telecom Benefits The tech sector has a multitude of different industries, and not all ...

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Convert YouTube Videos to mp3 for Free


Everyone can agree that YouTube is a revolutionary invention that has forever changed the face of the internet as we know it. Not only does it offer anyone free services and the option to freely express themselves online, it also opens up amazing subjects of conversation by allowing people to come into contact with each other and also raises awareness ...

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How does the Color of the Walls affect the Ambiance


Is it true that some colours have a better effect on you than the rest? Is there a psychology behind the colours of your walls? Yes, the color science and psychology does have a role to play when it comes to deciding home décor.  Colours you use to decorate your house may have a profound effect on the emotional well-being ...

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