Tooth Tech Updates: Jaw Dropping Innovations In Dental Care


You probably don’t think of dental innovations as being very exciting, but they can change the way you think about disease and health. And, they may even save your life one day. Here are the latest innovations that are promising to make a serious impact on the industry and for consumers. Dental Impression Systems One of the most exciting innovations ...

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Want to be a Real Man – Get Rid of Boyish Attitudes


There is a tendency among contemporary men to stay infantile even in their 30s. This is one of the greatest turnoffs for women. Every woman wants a psychologically mature man who knows how to behave with women. There are many instances when a relationship didn’t work because a woman couldn’t stand man’s childish habits or behavior. Of course, it’s important ...

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How Broken Links Can Hurt Your Business’ SEO Efforts

Man with a magnifiyng glass looking at the text SEO

Broken links occur when a developer deletes a page, places an incorrect URL in a link field or sporadically changes the address without correctly updating it beforehand. If not addressed properly and allowed to build up, they can collectively have a significance impact on your SEO efforts and users’ experience. Online marketing agencies continually monitor broken links as they can ...

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5 Reasons Why Virtual Reality (VR) Will Take Over the World


Virtual reality (VR) has finally arrived and it is about to take the world by storm, changing the way we game, shop, and interact online. Long an idea seemingly destined to be trapped in the pages of sci-fi books and futurist magazines, virtual reality is a dream no longer. Virtual reality (VR) is finally here, and it is promising to ...

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Norton Antivirus Available With Discounted Norton Coupon Code


These days one can’t imagine a life without computers. More often than not, we tend to spend most of our time on a computer, this could be for working, browsing, games, etc. but what happens when the computer crashes? It feels like the end of the world! Norton antivirus is one such software that can protect your laptop, PC, tablet ...

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A Guide To Buying High Energy Detection Cameras

Leica3  233

Choosing the right detection system is vital, whether you want to use it for medical research, cell structure studies or material analysis. Before you begin shopping around for a high energy detection camera, you will need to work out what your budget is so that you know how much you can afford to spend. It is also important to make ...

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DIY Mosquito Killing Device a.k.a. The Handheld Flamethrower

Meant for slaying mosquitoes, but equally capable of maiming an enemy or two, the DIY mosquito killing device is made using various doodads you can undoubtedly find laying around your home. Needed to create your very own mosquito killing device is a bottle of hair spray and an old bicycle handlebar with brakes included. Anything that combines the ability to ...

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Could Embarrassment Be Behind The Legal Battle Behind The FBI And Apple?

Legal Battle

There is so much conflicting information about the case between the FBI and Apple it is hard to know what is truth, what is fiction, and what is fabrication. Many are bashing Apple, insisting that it is their “American duty” to help the FBI to keep us safe from would-be terrorists, while others on the opposite side accolade Apple for ...

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5 Killer Ways to Generate More Targeted Traffic Without Google

Increased Traffic

Having a lot of traffic driving from Google is the most someone can ask for, right? Wrong Picture this: you’ve worked hard to rank high in Google’s search engine results. One day, a new algorithm is rolled out and, because your website wasn’t optimized for mobile, you’ve lost one-third of your traffic. Ouch The problem is even bigger for small ...

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How to Boost Your Traffic with Giveaways and Viral Contests

Increased traffice

Everybody loves contests. So, why not use them to attract more people to your website and boost your traffic? It is true that every website owner should aim at creating quality content that truly answers to people’s needs, especially now, since the algorithm of Google is constantly changing. However, this requires time, a lot of effort, and plenty of money, ...

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