Thursday , 18 December 2014

Are DDoS Attacks Really on the Decline?

Are DDoS Attacks Really on the Decline?

What if we told you that your mother-in-law won’t be staying at your house for a weekend … because she’ll be staying at your house for a week? Or that your favorite football team didn’t lose a close game … because they got blown out and lost by three touchdowns? Or that you absolutely do not need to lose ten ... Read More »

6 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

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Do you ever feel like your phone seems to slow down over time? Turns out that there is some truth to that slowdown. But when you’re not ready for a phone upgrade, you can settle with some of these options to speed up your phone. Move Your Files to Your SD Card As mentioned, filling your phone with too many programs ... Read More »

5 Ways to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

energy efficient

Reducing your firm’s energy consumption is an easy way to boost profits. Far from being a one-dimensional and romantic notion, slashing energy usage can also cut your carbon emissions and put your organisation a step ahead of the competition. Indeed, according to the Carbon Trust, most businesses can cut their energy spend by around 10 per cent by introducing a ... Read More »

Android Text Message Worm ‘Selfmite’ Is Back Again

Android Text Message Worm ‘Selfmite’ Is Back Again

A lot of smart Android users know better than to click malicious links in apps and browsers. But when it comes in the form of a text message from a trusted contact, the case is different. The Android text message worm called ‘Selfmite.b’ is back: it spreads by texting every contact name in the list of an unsuspecting user. IT ... Read More »

Sponsored Video: The Flat Wiper Blades


Based on the trending YouTube video “David after the dentist”, Bosch launches “What David really saw” to promote their series of wiper blades. In the video, the wipers clear David’s view and thus Bosch wants to advertise their series of wiper blades, in particular their flat blades. The new Bosch flat blades are a much-improved version of their previous models. ... Read More »

Is Your HR Department Up To Date?

hr dept

HR departments are crucial to the success of any business, yet sometimes they can get overlooked in terms of ensuring that the systems that they use are up to date. While this may not be a case of complacency as such, staff that work in HR are used to dealing with such a wide range of tasks that they may ... Read More »

UnoTelly – Watch TV Without Geographical Boundaries


UnoTelly also referred to as UnoDNS is a DNS based system that allows you to view content from libraries such as Netflix that are blocked in certain areas. Unlike other VPN services, UnoTelly is very fast because it does not use third parties to connect you to the website you want to stream. The good thing about it is that, ... Read More »

All The Tech You Need To Trade Stocks At Home


  Trading at home can be a lucrative job. It frees you from the daily hassle and stress of working in a remote office. But to start trading stocks or any financial instrument for that matter, one must have the right tech set up to facilitate the process. What Do You Need? It really varies from person to person and ... Read More »